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Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Updated Furnace Filter Filter Prices

Here are Drake Mechanicals updated furnace filter prices.  If you are buying your filters elsewhere you are paying too much.  Give us a call and we can have your furnace filters ready for pickup at our Boise office location either individually or in case quantity.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015
Tips on Water Heater Maintenance

In April the price of water heaters is going to increase, the size of the tank itself is also going to increase which is going to cause some issues depending on the size of the area your water heater is currently installed in.  That being said here are some tips on water heater maintenance in Boise that can help you extend the life of your existing water heater and save you money in the long run.  If you are not able to perform these tasks by yourself please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or our website and one of our licensed plumbers can get you fixed up in a hurry.

  1. Flush your water heater yearly.  This helps remove any sediment that builds up inside and reduces the life and the capacity of your water heater.  Be careful when flushing your water heater as the water coming out will be very hot.
  2. Have your water heater checked over by a licensed plumbing contractor yearly to verify that all the safety devices are in proper working order and that all the thermostats, gas valves and burners/elements are fully functional and operating correctly.  Checking and flushing your  water heater is something that we perform as part of our yearly plumbing inspection.  
  3. Replace your anode rod every 2-5 years or as needed.  The anode rod plays a very important role in the life of your water heater.  As hard water and minerals want to attack the tank the anode rod takes that place and lets the water eat the anode rod.  This extends the life of your heater but after a couple years depending on your water conditions the anode rod is gone and needs to be replaced.
  4. Install water saving aerators and shower heads.  This will help you use less water which in turn will save you money and your water heater has to work less.
  5. Turn down the thermostat or thermostats on your water heater.  This will reduce your energy bills and also reduce how hard your water heater has to work.  The larger the gap between the incoming water temperature and what your thermostat is set at means that your water heater has to run longer which costs you money and wears out components quicker.
  6. Install a water softener in your home.  Water softeners do a lot more than just soften water, they reduce the wear and tear on your water heater, plumbing fixtures and your water using appliances such as your dishwasher and clothes washer.  You also will have to use less soap in the bathroom, kitchen and washing clothes.  

We hope these tips help save you money and get a longer life out of your water heater.  If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact us here at Drake Mechanical.

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Monday, February 16, 2015
Ready For Clean Air In Your Home or Office?

Are you ready to have clean air in your home or office?  Drake Mechanical can help you out.  With the Sanuvox R+ you can have reliable and proven UV filtration in your home or office that helps reduce airborne viruses, germs, bacteria, mold, chemicals, odors and more.  With all the indoor smells and pollutants, colds, and germs we all pass around it is refreshing to know that you can count on a UV system that actually works.  This whole home UV system has a 3 year warranty including the bulb and 3 year bulb in it rather than an expensive one or even two UV lamps that have to be replaced every single year.  You get the benefit of two bulbs with the cost of one.  Once installed in your duct it is a matter of turning the UV filtration system on and in 3 years changing out the UV Lamp.  There is a LCD screen on the front that keeps you up to date and also reminds you about how much bulb life is left.  Drake Mechanical has installed one of these in our office and we love it.  From killing the germs to killing any odors it has been great to have in our office.  If you are interested in UV filtration please give us a call or e mail and we can get you the answers you are looking for! 

UV Filtration Boise

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Friday, January 30, 2015
New Water Heater Laws in 2015?

There are new water heater laws that take effect April 16th of 2015.  These laws were put into place in  2010 by the federal government and are going to effect the size and efficiency of water heaters upon replacement.  Since this became public knowledge we have been getting a lot of phone calls about these new water heater laws due to the fact that no one really knows what the exact changes are.  Currently what we do know is that all water heater manufacturers are having to re-tool their water heater factories.  What this means is that as they do that they quit making the existing size water heaters and start making the ones we will be buying moving forward.  We are being told that the new tanks will be about 2 inches wider and about 2 inches taller.  Some homes have very tight quarters already so replacement is going to be more difficult to accomplish in certain applications.  All of us here at Drake Mechanical are trying to find out as much information on the new water heaters as fast as we can.  One of the options if you are limited on space is the option of installing a tankless water heater which fit great in small spaces while providing endless hot water.  The other thing we have been told by all manufacturers is that the cost is going to go up on these new tanks.  We have not been told yet what that actual cost increase is going to be.  Drake Mechanical has ordered as many as we were able to order of the existing tanks to try and help out our customers prior to the new water heaters arriving.  These are a limited quantity and our recommendations at this time is if you have an aging water heater that maybe makes popping and banging sounds or doesn't keep up, hasn't been flushed etc that you replace it prior to the new more expensive water heaters being the only option.  This way you can still get the same size tank at the current cost.  If you have any questions on these water heaters please feel free to call us or contact us via e mail and we will do everything in our power to get your questions answered.  For more information you can also click here and take a look at A.O. Smith's website regarding the new laws.  

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Thursday, October 30, 2014
2014 BBB Torch Award Recipient

On October 29th Drake Mechanical was honored to find out we are the recipient of the 2014 Better Business Bureau Torch Award!  This is a great honor to all of us here at Drake Mechanical who strive every day to bring you the best service with honest pricing in the Treasure Valley.  After 105 years Drake Mechanical still brings great service, pricing and honesty into your home and office every day of the year.  We want to say a special thanks to all of our employees from our office staff, managers and our excellent team of plumbers and heating and air conditioning technicians.  We will receive the actual award in person on November 17th at the BBB Torch Awards Luncheon.  


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Tuesday, August 05, 2014
Are You Paying Too Much For Furnace Filters in Boise Nampa and Caldwell?

 If you are paying more than this you are paying too much!

Furnace filters in Boise are an essential part of any heating or air conditioning system.   Without a furnace filter your equipment gets full of dust and debris and will quit working many years earlier than it should.  If you have a furnace filter installed it catches all of the dust and debris and after about a month (typically) the furnace filter is full of all the dirt and debris that it can hold.  Once this happens the furnace blower fan can actually suck the furnace filter into the furnace trying to get airflow.  

We recommend at a minimum checking your furnace filter every month, if it doesnt need changing then check it again in a month.  A lot of 4" thick furnace filters only need changed quarterly unless there is a lot of construction going on around your home or office.  Below is a price list of what Drake Mechanical charges  for standard MERV 8 pleated furnace filters.  We sell furnace filters by the case quantity which is 12 for the 1" thick and 6 for a 4" thick filter.  Drake Mechanical might be a little more out of the way than one of the big box stores but if you call and order we can save you money and have them sitting right here in our office waiting for you.  CLICK HERE or feel free to call us at 362-6200.

1 inch (12 per case)
Size Price (each) Price (case)
10x20x1 $3.15 $37.80
12x12x1 $2.82 $33.84
12x20x1 $3.29 $39.48
12x24x1 $3.42 $41.04
14x20x1 $3.39 $40.68
14x25x1 $3.72 $44.64
15x20x1 $3.26 $39.12
16x16x1 $3.03 $36.36
16x20x1 $3.19 $38.28
16x25x1 $3.47 $41.64
18x20x1 $3.72 $44.64
18x24x1 $3.84 $46.08
18x25x1 $3.47 $41.64
20x20x1 $3.68 $44.16
20x25x1 $4.04 $48.48
20x30x1 $4.03 $48.36
24x24x1 $4.36 $52.32
25x25x1 $4.89 $58.68


2 inch (12 per case)
Size Price (each) Price (case)
10x20x2 $3.17 $38.04
12x20x2 $2.70 $32.40
12x24x2 $3.04 $40.80
14x20x2 $3.47 $41.64
14x25x2 $3.77 $45.24
15x20x2 $3.46 $41.52
16x16x2 $6.27 $75.24
16x20x2 $3.39 $40.68
16x24x2 $3.76 $45.12
16x25x2 $3.80 $45.60
18x24x2 $3.94 $47.28
18x25x2 $4.07 $48.84
20x20x2 $3.80 $45.60
20x24x2 $4.03 $48.36
20x25x2 $4.49 $53.88
20x30x2 $5.42 $65.04
24x24x2 $4.49 $53.88
25x25x2 $5.17 $62.04


4 inch (6 per case)
Size Price (each) Price (case)
12x24x4 $6.37 $38.22
16x20x4 $7.24 $43.44
15x25x4 $8.01 $48.06
18x24x4 $7.75 $46.50
20x20x4 $7.96 $47.76
20x24x4 $8.10 $48.60
20x25x4 $8.36 $50.16
24x24x4 $8.76 $52.56
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Saturday, June 28, 2014
Water Softeners in Boise Nampa and Caldwell

 Ready to start saving your plumbing?

Water softeners are an amazing home applicance, Water softeners take up very little space yet they do incredible things for your plumbing and much more.  Modern water softeners unlike the older ones are computer controled.  What does this matter you might ask?  In short it means they are more accurate, they use less water when they regenerate and use a lot less salt than their older predecessors.  No one wants to have to haul in heavy bags of salt every month including me.  A lot of the new water softeners only have to have the brine tank filled up once or twice a year with salt.  Water softeners are recomended for homes and businesses in Boise Meridian and Eagle when you have problems with water deposits on your plumbing fixtures and on your dishes and glasses.  

Boise Water Softener installers

What are the benefits of having a water softener in Nampa?

Having a water softener has a lot of benefits that you may not even see.  We all know how much things cost anymore from shampoo, soap,  water heaters and especially clotheswashers and dishwashers.   Here is a short list of what a water softener can do for you.

  • Reduce staining on your plumbing fixtures so you dont have to clean and scrub so much
  • Water softeners reduce the buildup and scaling inside of your dishwasher which helps your dishwasher last longer including your heating element
  • Water softeners reduce the buildup inside of your water heater.  Did you know that hard water deposits can reduce the efficiency of your water heater by more than 40%?  The hard water deposits also cause the lifespan of your water heater to shorten meaning you will have to replace it sooner.
  • With a water softener you use less soap, hard water does not creat suds as easy as soft water does, this means you can use less laundry detergent, less dishwasher soap and less soap and expensive shampoo in the shower.
  • Water softeners can help extend the life of our expensive clothes washers by reducing scale buildup inside of them.  
  • If you have a water softener it can significantly reduce your plugged up shower heads and faucets meaning you dont have to replace them or take them down and try and get the scale buildup off of them.  
  • If you have a tankless water heater having a water softener will significantly help the lifespan and maintenance of your expensive tankless water heater.

Purchase vs. Rental?

One thing that we thought we should share our opinion on is buy vs. lease a water softerner.  A lot of local companies want to lease you a water softener.  This is great for them but not necessarily good for you.  In a lease program after a few years you probably could have purchased more than one water softener.  If you buy it, it is yours forever and you only have to purchase your water softener once.  No matter which way you go, if you have hard water problems it will help you out and save you money long term.  

Meridian water softener installers

Does every home need a water softner?

The answer to this question is easy, no.  Not every home in Idaho needs a water softener, some people with well water have very little hardness to their water, some areas of the Treasure Valley don't need soft water due to the fact the water isnt that bad.  Other areas of the valley have hard water and there are not a lot of options as to how to get rid of it.  It is just due to the mineral content of the water and where it is being pumped out of the ground.  The only way to really figure out if a water softener is right for your family is by performing a water hardness test.

If you need more information on water softeners and how they can help your home and lessen the long term effect on your wallet just give a call at 362-6200 or CLICK HERE to contact us via e mail.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014
Is Your Boise Home Ready For Summer?

You got your house ready for winter, now it is time to get your home ready for summer.  This is a simple checklist of just a few of the things that need done around the home to have your plumbing, air conditioner and home ready for summer.  

  • Remember when you plugged or closed off your crawlspace vents last fall?  It is time to open those crawlspace vents back up so that your home can breathe.  
  • Don't forget about your automatic sprinklers.  You need to get those turned back on, check for leaks in your sprinkler lines, check for proper spray direction out of the sprinkler heads and make sure none of them froze or broke over the winter.  One very important thing to check when it comes to your yard sprinklers is the backflow preventer.  This is an item required by code to prevent anything that is on your grass such as chemicals, animal feces etc from being able to get back into the drinking water supply if there is a sudden loss in pressure on the city water side.
  • Did you remember to disconnect all of your hoses from the hose bibbs and yard faucets outside?  If you didn’t you could have broken hose bibbs due to freezing.  When you turn them on make sure that they are not leaking into your walls or crawlspace.  You may have to jump down into your crawlspace to verify that none of them are leaking.  
  •  Do you have an attic fan?  If you do when is the last time you checked whether or not it worked?  Attic fans are typically very quiet and you may or may not be able to hear yours running.  If you haven’t verified that your attic fan works properly you may want to pop up into the attic and check out whether or not it is functioning.  If you do not have an attic fan they are great.   You will have a noticeable difference in the temperature of your attic space in the summer, an attic fan reduces your cooling bills and also helps extend the life of your roof.
  • One of the most important items in your home is your air conditioner when it comes to summer.  Most of us rely on our air conditioner very heavily for being comfortable indoors when it is 100 degrees outside.  Your air conditioner just like a car needs a tune up in order to get a long life out of it.  Air conditioners build up with grime, dirt, dust and anything that blows around in the wind outside.  As this happens your air conditioner loses its ability to transfer heat.  What this means to you is higher power bills and your air compressor having to work harder.  Your air conditioner could be low on refrigerant due to leaks from an improper installation, a leaking fill valve or a hole in a coil.  If your air conditioner is low on refrigerant it can freeze up, not cool your home and cause other problems.  If there is a leak on your air conditioner rather than just putting more refrigerant in there it should be found and fixed.  If you have an air conditioner that is getting up there in age you can significantly lower your power bill by upgrading to a newer more energy efficient air conditioner.  
  • Check your crawlspace for any plumbing leaks, groundwater issues or any other problems that may have developed over the winter.  Standing water in your crawlspace can cause mold problems and more.  
  • Check your crawlspace and attic to verify that none of your ductwork has come apart or fallen down.  Your ductwork is a very important part of having an energy efficient and proper operating air conditioning system.
  • Install a programmable thermostat and make sure it gets programmed.  A programmable thermostat can save you money by keeping things to a schedule and turning temperatures down when you are not home.
  • Finally check your furnace filter.  If it is dirty change it out for a new filter.   If you need help finding filters, or want to get a good deal on furnace filters give us a call, Drake Mechanical can save you quite a bit of money on furnace filters over purchasing them at a big box store or a filter outlet.  Purchasing brand name filters in most cases cost you 5-10 times as much just for the name and no extra benefits.


These are just a few of the items that should be checked in the spring.  Your home may have other specialty items not listed here.  If you have any questions about what needs to be check please feel free to contact us.  If you are unable to perform these checks on your own or would like to schedule Drake Mechanical to come out and tune up your air conditioner or help you with your plumbing please CLICK HERE or give us a call at 208-362-6200.  We hope this information is useful to you and helps extend the life of your homes plumbing, HVAC and other systems.  

Energy Efficient Air Conditioner       Programmable Thermostat

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Air Conditioning Tune-Ups


Its that time of year again! Time to get your Air Conditioner tuned up.  Don't get caught when the heat hits unprepared.   Preventative maitnence is a large part of keeping your Air Conditoner running longer and more efficiently.  Some of the things a tech will do when he comes out to service your Air Conditoner include:  Checking and cleaning your condensing unit (the outside part Air Conditioner) for coil damage and cleanliness.  Dirt, Grass or any foreign materials on the condenser coil reduces the ability for heat to transfer causing the unit to run longer which costs you money.  The tech will then clean the condensing unit and make sure it is functioning correctly.  The tech will apply a chemical cleaner and environmental sealer to the air conditioners condensing unit, this helps to protect your air conditioning unit from exposure to the elements and dirt and grime buildup.  Have questions, give us a call or contact us on our website for more information.  

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