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Ductless Heating and Split Systems in Boise, Nampa and Caldwell

Ductless Heating Systems

Do you have an area of your home that is always cold?  How about a room you want to add heat in over a garage or cool a shop or bonus room?  Do you have hobbies that you use your garage in the winter for and are tired of using space heaters?  One of the new and most efficient ways to do that is with a ductless mini split system in Boise that does not require big bulky equipment to be installed.  A ductless Air Conditioner in Nampa is not a new concept, however it has become much more affordable than in the past due to the advances in technology and the fact that there are more manufacturers of this equipment to choose from.  Whether you want to heat one room or a whole house with a ductless heat pump system  it can be easily done.  It is a matter of properly sizing the equipment, running the refrigeration piping from the  heat pump outside to the remote indoor units that hang on the wall.  There are even some units that rather than looking like an remote indoor unit they are a picture frame called an Art Cool made by LG, you can actually hang a picture in them too!  If you have any questions on Boise, ductless heat pumps or Mini splits in Nampa and Caldwell, please just call us at 208-362-6200 or CLICK HERE to contact us via E Mail.  Drake Mechanical has installed these Mini Split systems and Ductless split system from Boise, Nampa and Caldwell since they became an affordable option in the Treasure Valley, from an Art Cool in Wilderness Ranch, ductless heat pumps in Nampa and Caldwell, Boise Ductless heat pumps with Electric heat backup in them to Eagle and Kuna.  Drake Mechanical can solve all of your ductless mini split system problems big or small.  

What About Service and Maintenance of These Mini Split Systems?

Drake Mechanical is Boise, Nampa and Caldwell's professional source for repairs on any brand of equipment.  From Repairing your Mini Split System in Boise to Nampa and Caldwell repairs on your Ductless heating system you can have it all serviced by one company.  We work on any manufacturer and also any style or model of ductless split systems, Ductless mini split systems and ductless heating and cooling equipment.  Whether it be for a commercial office or your home just give us a call and we will get a trained professionals out to your property to get you back up and running.  Drake Mechanical also recommends preventative maintenance for your ductless splits in Boise, and Ductless heating preventative maintenance in Nampa and Caldwell along with MIni Split preventative maintenance in Meridian and Kuna.  Preventative maintenance is key to a long life for all of your heating and cooling equipment.  Parts get dirty, condensers get dirty and need to have refrigerant levels checked and maintained along with other moving parts that need lubricated to continue working at peak efficiency and sound levels.

Here are some Brands and models that Drake Mechanical installs and maintains on a regular basis.

 Lg Art Cool, this is functional Art.  You can get them in multi room and in single room units, either Ac only or Heat pump option as well.

Indoor Unit Models:

  • LG Art Cool Model LA091CNP (AC).  This is an 9,800 btu, Air Conditioning only 13 seer wall mount picture frame that will provide individual room cooling
  • LG Art Cool Model LA091HNP (H/P).  This is an 9,800 BTU cooling and 9,800 BTU heating combination heat pump and air conditioner that is in a functional wall mount picture frame
  • LMN095HV which is a 9,000 BTU Class dual, triple and quad-zone indoor units for heating and cooling multiple rooms
  • LMN125HV which is a 12,000 BTU class dual, Triple and Quad-zone indoor unit for heating and cooling multiple rooms
  • LMN185HV which is a 18,000 BTU class dual, Triple and Quad-zone indoor unit for heating and cooling multiple rooms

Outdoor Unit Models:

  • LA095HV (AC) which is an 9200/8900 BTU  cooling and 12,000/11,700 BTU Heating Outdoor 230/208 Volt single phase unit
  • LA125HV(H/P) which is an 12,000/11,700 BTU Cooling and 15,500/15,200 BTU Heating 230/208 Volt single phase unit
  • LA185HV (A/C) which is an 12,000/11,700 BTU Cooling and 15,500/15,200 BTU Heating 230/208 Vold single phase unit 
  • LMU185HV which is an 18,000 BTU class outdoor unit that is 230/208 volt single phase unit
  • LMU245HV which is an 24,000 BTU Class Outdoor unit that is 230/208 volt single phase  unit
  • LMU365HV which is an 36,000 BTU class outdoor unit that is 230/208 volt single phase unit

These are obviously not the only equipment we can get, Basically we can provide and install any brand of equipment that you prefer.



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