Outdoor Gas Fire Pits In Boise Nampa Meridian and Caldwell

Do you like having fires outside but don't want the mess?

Drake Mechanical can help you out.  Drake Mechanical regularly installs and hooks up natural gas outdoor fire pits in Boise and outdoor fireplaces anywhere in the Treasure Valley.  Don't have one picked out but you know you want one?  We can help you pick one out, get the gas piping installed and hooked up and you can be underway to relaxing under the stars next to a great outdoor fire without having to haul wood, clean up ashes and worry about sparks starting a fence or yard on fire if the wind kicks up!  If you have questions on getting a gas fireplace in Boise, a gas fire pit installed in Nampa or a Gas fire pit hooked up in Caldwell Drake Mechanical can be your one stop shop.  If there is other work that needs to be done in conjunction with that we can take care of that and save you the hassle of having to find multiple contractors to get your project done!  Drake Mechanical, your one stop shop for all of your HVAC, Plumbing, drain cleaning and gas needs.  You can always call us and talk to a real live person 24 hours a day or you can click on the link below to contact us via e mail.  If it is an emergency after hours please call rather than e mail so we can assure that you get what you need taken care of.  From outdoor fire pit installation to outdoor fire pit service, outdoor fire pit repairs and any other outdoor fire pit needs Drake Mechanical has really got you covered.

What can Drake Mechanical do for you when it comes to your new outdoor gas fire pit?

Drake Mechanical can hook up your own fire pit if you have bought one or if you have not picked one out somewhere else we can also get you a nice outdoor gas fire pit in your home along with helping you design something custom and special.  The patio campfire by Heat & Glo with the Mesa Base is a great little fire pit or outdoor campfire for your patio enjoyment.  The Mesa is just one of so many fire pit options that you can consider or have installed in your home.  This gas outdoor fire or outdoor gas patio campfire gives you all the enjoyment of an outdoor fire in your backyard without any of the mess of having to deal with wood and ashes.  This Mesa Base patio campfire gives you the ultimate in convenience.  No cleaning, no chopping wood, just turn it on and enjoy.  Drake Mechanical can help you with a custom fire pit and fireplace design so that you back yard can be one of a kind!    You can use almost any of these with propane or natural gas.   For more information on outdoor fire pits in Boise give us a call and we can help you figure out what to do in order to start enjoying an outdoor gas fire in your yard today. 

Fire Pit Service and Firepit Repair?

Drake Mechanical specializes not only in fire pit installation but also specializes in all fire pit repairs, fire pit replacement and fire pit service.  We do recommend that if you have an outdoor fire pit that you cover it when not in use, this will help prevent buildup of water, dirt, leaves etc. inside of your nice fire pit.  That way when you need to use it you just pull off the cover, turn on the gas, and kick back and enjoy your time outside.  There are not a lot of moving parts on a fire pit but when they break Drake Mechanical can be there to help you out.  Whether it is a worn out fire pit burner, worn out fire pit lighter, or even a worn out fire pit shut off valve don't fret, Drake's can get you all fixed up and roasting marshmallows in no time!  When you think fire pits, think Drake Mechanical and the guys in the big yellow trucks!

Fire Pit Brands, Styles and Types Regularly Installed


Napoleon Model GPF & GPFG Patio flame.  
This Flickering Glow outdoor gas fire pit comes with an all stainless steel burner construction for maximum outdoor durability and weather resistance.  You can get these with a five piece GLOCAST log set or Topaz CRYSTALINE ember bed.  you can also get optional river rock media kits or glass media kits are available.  You can get an optional safety screen as well for this outdoor gas firepit.  This fire pit is approved for use on wooden decks, stone or brick patios and concrete.  

Outdoor gas firepit in Boise Nampa and Caldwell

Key Largo Fire Pit

The Key Largo is a great looking fire pit.  This can be installed in either propane or easily converted over to clean natural gas so that you do not have to mess with filling up heavy and dirty propane tanks when you want to enjoy your fire pit.  The Crystal fire produces up to 80,000 BTU's, and can be installed many ways.  The Key Largo is truly a showcase of fire.  The beautiful glowing fire dances on top of a bed of a bed of fire glass.  This is special glass that is specifically designed for being inside of a fire.  The burner on this fire pit is made out of stainless steel, the exterior of the lower portion of the fire pit is made out of steel and coated with stucco.

Key Largo Natural Gas Firepit

Tripod Fire Pit

This fire pit uses Outdoor GreatRoom's patented crystal fire burner.  With the push of a button you will be sitting next to a beautiful glowing fire that appears at the top of tempered, tumbled glass.  There are a few other options for this which include optional log sets or different colored glass.  This fire pit is easily converted to natural gas with the orifice that comes with it.  With a natural gas firepit you do not have to worry about running out of propane in the middle of your relaxation time nor messing with heavy and dirty tanks.  Just push the button and sit back.  Drake Mechanical can handle the installation of the fire pit, the installation of the gas piping and even coordinating with any other contractors you need to make your patio project come off without a hitch.

Meridian Fire Pit Installation

Sierra Table Fire Pit

The Sierrra fire pit table is a great relaxation tool.  The Sierra has a rectangular burner, the ledgestone on the Sierra is outdoor rated faux.  The durable supercast top is built for long life and looks great!  This unit comes propane but can be easily converted to natural gas with the parts that come with it.  The BTU rating on the Sierra table fire pit is 60,000 so you can rest assured that you wont be cold relaxing by this fire pit.

Nampa Fire Pit Table Installation

StoneFire Table Fire Pit

The Stonefire Table fire pit is a beautiful accent to any patio or outdoor entertainment area.  This is a very attractive round black table with a fire pit in the middle.  This fire pit has multiple options as well.  From different colored glass in your fire pit to maybe going with a log set you can have it all.  Push the button and put your feet up.  The Stonefire table fire pit can also be converted to natural gas as it comes with the necessary parts to do so.  This way you don't have to mess with heavy, dirty propane tanks. 

Caldwell fire pit installation

Colonial Table Fire Pit

The Colonial Table fire pit is another item in this great line of firepits.  Made in the USA.  This firepit is easily converted to natural gas.  It looks amazing on any patio and will spice up your party plus adding a warm touch to a cool evening outside.  The Crystal fire on the Colonial Table fire pit produces 60,000 BTU so you can relax assured that you will stay warm and comfortable on that cool fall evening.  This table fire pit is also available with matching chairs and side table. 

Eagle fire pit installation

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