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Two-Stage Furnaces

These furnaces feature two-stage operation with electric hot surface ignition and an induced combustion system for quiet, efficient operation. Two-stage furnaces operate at low capacity during most of the operating cycle to maintain your level of comfort. On bitter cold days, the second stage is there to maintain comfortable temperatures.  So the long and the short of it is that when your furnace is maintaining your homes temperature it should run on stage 1 most of the time which slowly heats your home and uses less natural gas or propane.  If stage one can not keep up due to the opening of doors or the fact that is is 10 degrees below zero outside then it will kick over to high fire and run on the second stage (which is the only stage on a single stage furnace) and get your home up to temperature.  The high fire uses more gas but between the two stages they will keep you comfortable all winter long.  If you are looking for Help figuring out what is best for you please call us at 208-362-6200 for a complimentary estimate on a new heating system or CLICK HERE to contact us via our website.

York's Two Stage Furnace Products

Here is a list of a couple models of Two Stage gas furnaces that York and Drake Mechanical Offers if you would like to research some options prior to calling or we can do the research for you.

York Lx Series Models

The York LX Series Furnace line is a 33" tall multi-position design which means it can be installed in just about any space and any direction.  These units use induced combustion, they have a very reliable hot surface ignition and have high heat transfer, and the heat exchangers are aluminized steel for long life.  These highly efficient, compact,  condensing type furnaces are designed for residential and commercial installations in a basement, closet, alcove, recreation room or garage.


  • TM9V Which is the 97% Efficient LX Two Stage Variable-Speed ECM Multi-Position Furnace
  • TM9T Which is the 96% Efficient LX two-Stage PSC Multi-Position Furnace
  • TM8V and TMLV which is the 80% Efficient LX two stage Variable speed ECM Multi Position Furnace  
  • TM8X and TMLT Which is the 80% Efficient Two Stage PSC Multi-position Furnace

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