Do You Have A Leaking Toilet?

Toilet Dye Test 


If you suspect you may have a leaking toilet then here is a simple test to figure that out for sure.  If you hear your toilet phantom filling when no one is using it you most likely have a leaking toilet.  Another sure sign of a leaking toilet is having a discoloration down the bowl due to water continually running down one side or another.  Using dye or food coloring you can test your toilet for leaks by putting the dye or food color inside the toilet tank.  If the food coloring or dye shows up inside the toilet bowl then you have a leak at the flapper or other part of the tank.  If you find you have a toilet leaking give us a call and we can get it fixed up for you.  If you would like us to dye test your toilet for you just give us a shout.  This is part of our 30 point plumbing inspection and we can do it at the same time as your plumbing inspection.  

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