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You Deserve the Soft Life

Live with silky soft water for a day, and you’ll want it for life. Feeling clean, saving money and less time spent cleaning?! There’s no beating soft water. You’ll love what it does for your family and your home!

  • Keep Your Home Cleaner: soft water doesn’t leave behind hardened minerals that can form scale and scum on your home’s fixtures.
  • Keep Yourself Cleaner: hard water leaves the same film on your skin and hair that it leaves on your shower door. Soft water rinses soaps and shampoos better, minimizing dry skin and hair.
  • Use Less Detergent with Better Results: soft water cleans better! You can use dramatically less detergent and get dazzling results from your dishwasher and washing machine.
  • Save on Cleaning Supplies: ssing soft water means you don’t have to scrub hard residue.
  • Save on Energy Costs: hard water can form a layer of rock at the bottom of your water heater, making it more difficult to heat the water inside and reducing its operating efficiency.

Now that you know the benefits, how do you choose the unit that right for you? Let’s take a closer look at one of our favorites…

Sumo® Non-Electric Water Softeners

What is it: A system that is more effective, more reliable, simpler to operate and less expensive to maintain. Sumo has combined four technologies, delivering increased performance and efficiency compared to conventional models.

  • Pass the Salt: Sumo uses up to 75% less salt! Sumo Typical Softener New Smart Valve Softening Engine: Optimized to promote high flow rates and provide more precise control of all operating cycles.
  • High Efficiency Softening Media: Possesses the most advanced ability to remove hardness efficiently.
  • Hardness Accuracy Dial: Allows fine-tuning to precisely reflect household water hardness and permit system to use entire media capacity between regenerations.
  • Advanced Rapid Regeneration: Accurately measures household water use and rapidly regenerates in as little as 6 minutes only when absolutely necessary

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