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Have You Ever Wondered About Radiant Floor Heat...

Drake Mechanical is Idaho's leading experts in Radiant Floor Heating.  Radiant floor heat is not new technology; however, it has made great strides over the years.  Radiant floor heating is the use of piping installed inside the layers of the floor in your home or office or underneath that floor which has hot water passing through it that is heated via a boiler or other means of water heating.  As the floor heats up it transfers heat up through your home or office.  It is very efficient because once that floor gets warm it doesn't take that much to keep it warm.  Typically you can also run your thermostat at lower temperatures because it heats everything from the ground up.  No more cold piggys in the morning!  You can also zone your radiant floor heat per room so each room can have it's own thermostat and control valves that control and maintain the temperature you set.  Drake Mechanical has installed Radiant heat in B-1 and B-1 Bomber ammunition depots on air force bases, custom homes in Sun Valley, Tamarack and New Meadows and even in office buildings and shops.  It is a much more efficient way to heat a big shop or building than running unit heaters that only heats the air.  Once that air is hot it just rises and you are still working down at the floor level and cold.  Radiant Heat can fix that.

What Types of Products Are There?

There are many different types and methods of installation that range from piping installed in concrete, wood floor paneling and others.  There are also many different types of radiant floor heating products ranging from Wirsbo, Zurn, Rehau, and Watts are the most common forms of Radiant heat tubing.  Then you have the circulation pumps, manifolds and Heating system such as boilers or water heaters depending on the size of the project.  Something else that is really neat is you can also combine this heating system to heat your domestic hot water at the same time and keep it in a hot water storage tank rather than having to have a second heat source to just make your hot water.  

Required Maintenance for Radiant Floor Heat

Just like having a furnace, Boilers need maintained yearly so that they can have a long life and run at their peak efficiency. The pumps should be checked every year for proper operation.  Unless you have chemicals in the heating water there really isn't anything to maintain with the water.  It is a simple yet efficient way to heat your home or office.  If you have an existing system that needs service or maintenance or you are looking to have a new system installed then give Drake Mechanical a call today and we will get you taken care of.  CLICK HERE or Call 208-362-6200 for service today!


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