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Water Softeners

Drake Mechanical can handle all of your Boise water softener and Nampa water conditioning needs from water softener service and water softener repair to new Caldwell water softener installations.  Maybe you have never had a water softener in Meridian and  tired of the hard water deposits on everything or are replacing your old worn out water conditioner with a new one. Drake Mechanical's plumbers can purchase and install any brand of water softener that you would like to have installed from salt based water softeners to citric acid based water softeners, or even some of the new electrical water conditioning devices.  Drake Mechanical has been Boise, Nampa and Caldwell's water softening Pros since Boise was just getting started.  Since 1909 then we have expanded our water softener installations and repairs to the entire treasure valley and beyond.  Give Boise's, Nampa and Caldwell's best Water Softener installation company a try today.  

Why Would I Want A Water Softener You Might Ask?

There are many reasons for having a water softener in the Treasure Valley.  Water softeners make your soap and detergents go farther, your dishes come cleaner and they don't spot as bad, water softener's help your dishwasher last longer and keep your dishes cleaner, your clothes washer and water heater last longer.  If you have a tank-less water heater it helps prevent scaling in the heat exchangers which in turn save you money on service calls and break downs.  Aside from that with a water softener you don't get the white deposits on your faucets and in your sinks. In the end a water softener will save you and your family money.

How Does A Water Softener Work?

A water softener works by removing the minerals from the water that make it "Hard Water".  It does this when the water flows through the water softener media tank that is full of a type of media that attracts and holds onto the minerals.  Once the media has retained all that it can based on your water hardness level and the gallons of water that have been run through it it will go into a flush and backwash cycle at night while you sleep. This will then use the salt water if it is a salt based unit that cleans the media. After rinsing the media it will flush the tank with clean salt free water so that you don't get salt in your drinking water. After this cycle it is ready to go again and continue to do its job or removing the minerals that are hard on your clothes, appliances and plumbing fixtures.

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Where Can I get a Water Softener?

Whether you are in need of an water softener in Boise, a water conditioner in Nampa or Caldwell looking to purchase a water softener or in Meridian or Eagle, or looking for someone to repair a damaged or leaking water softener we have you covered. Drake Mechanical's team of plumbers are top notch and can get all of your water softener needs taken care of quickly and affordably. 

What About Water Softener / Conditioner Repairs

Drake Mechanical Can also make repairs to your existing softener Boise, Nampa or Caldwell, is it only a couple of years old?  If that is the case then It might be beneficial for you to have it repaired instead of replaced.  We can repair it, all makes and models of water softeners and water conditioners from Culligan, Sterling, Kenmore, Whirlpool, And many other brands.  If you have questions regarding water softener repairs, water softener replacement or water softener installation and water conditioning devices just give us a call and we will get one of our licensed plumbers scheduled and they will answer all of your water softener questions.

What Are My Water Softener Options?

There are a few water softener options for you that you may like.  We have tried and tested out everything we sell personally in our own homes so we know they work when we recommend them to you.  Nick Has a Sterling water softener in Boise, One of the owners Judy has a NUVO water softener in Kuna and a couple of our technicians have a Nugen water softener in their homes in Nampa and Caldewll and love them as well.  

NUVO Water Softeners

Nuvo water Softeners use citric acid instead of salt to encapsulate the hard water minerals so that they don't "stick" to plumbing, fixtures or appliances.


  • Studio which is for 1-2 bathroom homes with 1-2 people in it
  • Home which is for 2-3 bathroom homes with 3-5 people in it
  • Manor which is for 4+ bathrooms and 6+ people living there

Benefits of the NUVO water softener are plentiful when in comparison to a regular salt type softener:

  • hangs on the wall so it is not taking up floor space
  • you don't ever have to buy salt, you change the cartridge and it is good for 6 months
  • you will save on utility bills, this system does not have to regenerate so you are not pouring water down the drain every week
  • does not use power so your not paying for the water softener to operate
  • extends the life of your appliances, this system will actually remove hard water deposits from your water heater elements, dishwasher elements, plumbing fixtures ect which in turn extend the life of your homes expensive items and appliances
  • no slimy shower water, get clean without feeling slimy, NUVO doesn't use salt so you will feel fresh and clean after every shower
  • Eco Friendly or Green: Nuvo H2O doesnt waste water or eclectricity and only contains recycle friendly components, good for you and good for the environment

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Sterling Water Softeners


IM Series with Advanced Controls Models:

  • IM24 which is a 24,000 Grain Water Softener with a peak flow rate of 12 gallons per minute
  • IM30 Which is a 30,000 Grain water softener with a peak flow rate of 15 gallons per minute
  • IM45 which is a 45,000 Grain water softener with a peak flow rate of 18 gallons per minute
  • IM60 Which is a 60,000 Grain water softener with a peak flow rate of 20 gallons per minute
  • IM75 Which is a 75,000 Grain Water Softener with a peak flow rate of 22 gallons per minute
  • IMC24 which is a 24,000 grain water softener with a peak flow rate of 12 gallons per minute and a space saving design
  • IMC30 Which is a 30,000 Grain water softener with a peak flow rate of 15 gallons per minute and a space saving design

Sterling's unique microprocessor based control head monitors system performance, water consumption and more such as:  Days since last regeneration, Gallons since last regeneration, reserve based on water usage over last 21 days, total regeneration since startup, total gallons of water used since startup and many more options.  If power fails the only thing you have to reset is the clock.

Sterling OXY3 Series Iron Reduction system Models:

  • OXY3-10 which has a peak flow rate of 10 gpm
  • OXY3-15 Which has a peak flow rate of 12 gpm
  • OXY3-20 Which has a peak flow rate of 12 gpm
  • OXY3-30 Which has a peak flow rate of 15 gpm
  • OXY3-10SHORT which has a peak flow rate of 10 gpm 
  • OXY3-10-JET Which has a peak flow rate of 8 gpm

Sterling's Iron Reduction System has a lot of really neat features such as No Chemicals, No in line venturi to plug or adjust, No air compressor, No excess air, No air release valve required, Less maintenance than other brands, rugged Mechanical piston valve so there are no solenoids or flapper valves to stick and a full flow bypass valve.  

For More information on which kind and what grain softener would be best for your individual application Please call us and we can get your questions answered.

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Nugen Water Softeners

Why the Nugen Fusion XT water softener?  The Nugen is made in the USA, they meet all applicable plumbing codes, the Nugen water softener comes with a limited lifetime warranty and full flow controlf valves for high flow applications.  Aside from that the Nugen also comes with state of the art electronic digital metered controls.

  • The Nugen Fusion XT-32C is a 32,000 grain water softener with a 1" bypass
  • The Nugen Fusion XT-48 is a 45,000 grain water softener with a 1" bypass
  • The Nugen Fusion XT-60 is a 60,000 grain water softener with a 1" bypass
  • The Nugen Fusion XT-71 is a 70,000 grain water softener with a 1" bypass
  • The Nugen Fusion XT-90 is a 90,000 grain water softener with a 1-1/4" bypass

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24/7/365 Emergency Service For All of Your Plumbing, Drain Cleaning, Water Heater, and Heating and Air Conditioning Needs!

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