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What does it all mean?  What's with all the different kinds of furnaces?

You may be getting confused by all the options out there.  Who would have thought buying a heating system would have as many options as going to the car dealer!   As technology advances so do your options.  There are many factors that need to be considered:

  • How long you plan to be in the home?
  • What you want your furnace to do? 
  • What is the payback rate on it all?  

If you are looking for something that does it all and has the combined features of a dual stage or two stage furnace as well as the features of the variable speed, then here is the option for you.  These furnaces are the full package.  Meaning that the furnace fan can run on low and high speed as needed and the gas valve in the furnace can change from low fire to high fire depending on the heating need of the home.  An energy efficient furnace that is also very quiet!

But Wait There's More...

There is yet another option to the already good combination of the dual stage furnaces and variable speed fan furnaces and that is the modulating variable speed fan furnace.  The modulating part means that instead of a two stage gas valve there is a gas valve in the furnace that can vary even more as the thermostat tells your heating equipment what to do which can save you even more money by being able to work in between low fire and high fire rather than just switching from low fire to maintain up to high fire to heat.  It can meet anywhere in the middle and ramp your furnace up and down as necessary to keep you home comfortable and warm while working for your best interest at the same time.

RUUD's Modulating, Variable Speed Gas Furnaces

The RUUD RGFG - Series.  The RGFG series is a 95% efficient modulating gas furnace.  This modulating furnace is equipped with RUUD's comfort control 2 system and the following features:  

  • These furnaces are low profile and designed to fit in utility rooms, closets, or alcoves and leaves room for other equipment or indoor air quality products.
  • The Comfort Control 2 system provides on board diagnostic codes and failure history. (This helps speed up diagnostic time for our service techs if there ever is an issue, which means you save money on service calls.)
  • When used with a modulating thermostat, this furnace will modulate between 40% capacity and 100% capacity which keeps you more comfortable while saving you money!
  • Features a low speed constant fan
  • Variable speed induced draft motor
  • Hot surface ignition with remote sense for added reliability

RUUD Modulating gas furnace

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