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Do you have an old house that is full of leaky ductwork in Boise?  We can help with that.  If you have leaky ductwork in your home or office then you are losing heat or cooling from your furnace or fan coil through the sides of it.  Most older homes have anywhere from 10% leakage clear on up to 35%-40% leakage through ductwork.  If it is not sealed properly then you are heating and cooling your crawlspace and/or attic.  Utilities are too expensive any more to heat and cool the outdoors.  It wastes energy and it costs you money.  If you have leaks on your Boise return air ducting you can be pulling contaminated and dirty air from your crawlspace or insulation and dust from your attic.  Neither of which are healthy for you and your family.  Sealing your Nampa ductwork can save you money, make your home more comfortable, save on filter changes and save on allergy medicine and the amount that you have to dust. Just because you have leaking ductwork leading to or from your furnace does not mean it all needs replaced, it can be as simple as finding all the leaks, sealing them up and making what you already have work like it is supposed to.

What about new ductwork?

Adding onto a your home of office?  Need new Meridian ductwork installed or ducting run?  Even if you are not adding on, but are looking for a solution to that hot second floor.  We can help you with that whether it is a zoning issue or adding a return duct to the second or first floor.  Drake Mechanical has all your ductwork needs taken care of from hard metal ducting in Boise, Bathroom fan exhaust ducting in Meridian, to flexible insulated Ducting in Nampa or Caldwell.  Whether you want steel ducting or new flexible duct we can build it either way you would prefer.  If you need an estimate to install duct or modify ductwork please call us at 208-362-6200 or CLICK HERE to contact us via E-Mail.

Flexible Ducting options:

There are many flexible ducting options out there that can save you time and money on installation of new ductwork.  These Nampa ductwork options can help you breath a sigh of relief, literally.  New clean ductwork in Caldwell eliminates dirt and dust that builds up in your home, has insulation in it and can help you keep the warm and cold air the way you want it instead of losing heat and cooling into your attic or crawlspace.  It is quieter than the old metal ducting, doesnt rust and is anti microbial to resist and inhibit mold and mildew growth.  If you could see what is inside your ductwork you might be really surprised.  Generally it is really filthy and gross.  We all spend a bunch of money on air filters to try and clean our air, prevent allergies and asthma attacks while at the same time our ductwork is full of dirt and debris, kids toys and who knows what else from the past owner.  Even Duct Cleaning in Boise can not get all of the debris and dirt out of your ducting.  The only true way to get fresh clean ductwork is to put fresh clean duct work in.  Drake Mechanical prefers a brand called Flex-Vent due to all of the qualities that it possesses such as the anti-microbial technology, fiberglass lining for quiet air transfer, increased volume and air flow and the fact that it meets the energy star rating and also has superior fire ratings than other brands where rather than igniting to flame it will just melt.  Flex-Vent also has a 5 year warranty for your peace of mind.  The biggest pro to our using this product is the fact that it is made in the USA!  So whether you live in Nampa, Caldwell, Boise, Meridian or Kuna we can get your home's new ductwork installed in a timely fashion and get you breathing cleaner air and feeling better.

Models of FLEX-VENT:

  • Flex-Vent Model  KM which is a strong polyester film laminated and encapsulating a heavy, corrosion resistant steel wire helix.  The outer barrier is a bi-directional, reinforced metalized vapor barrier which will not unravel.  It has a fiberglass inner core and an R-Value of up to r-8.0
  • Flex Vent Model KP which is a strong polyester film laminated and encapsulating a heavy, corrosion resistant steel wire helix, forms the inner core and supports a thick blanket of fiberglass insulation over a fiberglass scrim.  The outer vapor barrier has a jacket of durable black polyethylene.  Designed for low to medium pressure systems and has an R value of up to R-8.
  • Flex-Vent KPE Which is a strong Polyester film laminated and encapsulating a heavy corrosion resistant steel wire helix, Forms the inner core and supports a thick blanket of fiberglass insulation.  Outer vapor barrier is Bi-Directional scrim reinforced gray polyester.  Designed for low to medium pressure systems.
  • Flex-Vent MC which is a non insulated and economically priced flexible connector in medium to low pressure A/C systems and in air venting and dryer venting applications.  The corrosion resistant spring steel wire helix is laminated with multiple layers of clear metalized polyester film, fully laminated with adhesive and over sized for quick installation.
  • Mobile Home R-KD which is insulated for outdoor heating and cooling in low to medium pressure systems.  Ideal for add-on mobile home remote air conditioning and for connecting double wide units.  Also popular in modular building systems.  Perfect for handling misalignment between system components.  For example, it can be easily redirected around obstacles unlike costly stainless steel ducts.


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