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Are You Ready For Near Boiling Water at The Push of a Handle?

Drake Mechanical can get you set up today.  With ISE or (In Sink Erator) technology you can have 180 degree water right out of a tap at your sink. The temperature is adjustable, so if you want the water a little cooler for things like making bottles or maybe you want your hot water to be hotter for making tea or instant coffee.  There are a lot of options when it comes to instant hot water dispensers so chances are we can help you find an ISE hot water dispenser that meets your kitchen decor.  Some added features are that the instant hot water tank comes with a water filter that will help with your hot water dispenser tank life along with remove any bad chemical or mineral tastes and odors from the water.

Hot water dispenser in Boise

What Are Some Uses Of Hot Water Dispensers?

There are many uses that you will find for your new hot water dispenser.  I know that the one that is in our office gets used all the time, we use it for instant soup, tea, cleaning and the list goes on.  Below is just a few of the recommended uses for a hot water dispenser.

  • Cook pasta al dente
  • Blanch vegetables
  • Melt chocolate or thaw frozen foods
  • Make instant coffee or hot tea
  • Make instant oatmeal for an easy breakfast
  • Use steam to help sinus congestion
  • Warm ice cream scoop for easier scooping
  • Loosen baked on food
  • Remove stubborn lids and labels
  • Thaw out your frozen juice concentrate
  • And the list just goes on and on!

hot water dispenser in Eagle Idaho

What Are The Faucet Options?


  • ISE Model F-H3300 and F-HC-3300 ot water dispenser.  These two faucets are modern and they have a clean and fresh look that will blend into your kitchen style.  This dispenser is built out of all brass construction, the HC model also has cool filtered water.  The hot water dispenser shuts off automatically upon release of the lever.  The 3300 hot water dispenser also comes with a 5 year limited in home warranty.

f-h3300 hot water dispenser

  • ISE Model F-HC1100 and F-GN1100 hot water dispenser.  This hot water dispenser is great.  It fits your contemporary kitchen with ease.  The 1100 hot water dispenser is sleek, elegenet and engaging.  This hot water dispenser is also made of all brass, it will produce 60 cups/hour of 200 degree near boiling water.  The HC model has a second handle that will dispense cool filtered water as well.  The water shuts off with the release of the lever and comes with a 5 year in home limited warranty.  This model of hot water dispenser is available in eleven different finishes to fit any color style your kitchen may have.

ISE f-hc1100 hot water dispenser

  • ISE Model F-HC-2200 and F-GN2200 hot water dispenser.  The 2200 falls under the antique category of hot water dispenser.  This hot water dispenser is ornate, distinct and refined to fit in with your antique decor.  The 2200 hot water dispenser is made of all brass construction and can dispense 60 cups/hour of 200 degree water.  The water shuts off upon release of the handle and of course it comes with a five year in home warranty.  The 2200 hot water dispenser comes in 9 different finishes and the HC model has a second lever for dispensing cool filtered drinking water.

Antique hot water dispenser

  • ISE Model F-HC2215 and F-GN2215 hot water dispenser.  The Tuscan hot water dispenser is truly good looking.  This hot water dispenser is tasteful, inviting  and definitely style that fits right into the hustle and bustle of any kitchen.  This hot water dispenser is made of durable all brass construction and includes a swivel spout.  It is capable of dispensing 60 cups/hour of 200 degree water, the hot water tank includes a F-1000s filtration system.  The HC model includes a handle if you just want cool filtered water.

In Sink Erator hot water dispensor Caldwell

  • ISE Model HC-VIEW-SS and H-VIEW-SS hot water dispenser.  The VIEW hot water dispenser is an instant classic.  The VIEW has clean smooth lines, it is a perfect compliment to any kitchen.  The all metal construction of the VIEW is capable of 60 cups/hour of 200 degree water and the HC model includes a handle for cool filtered water to be dispensed as well.  The VIEW hot water dispense has a 3 year in home limited warranty and is available  in satin nickel and chrome finish.

In sink erator view hot water dispenser

  • ISE Model HC-WAVE-SS and H-WAVE-SS hot water dispenser.  The WAVE hot water dispenser is gracefully yet simple and fluid.  The WAVE is a seamless blend of modern and traditional decor.  This hot water dispenser is compact, and includes all metal construction.  This hot water dispenser will produce 60 cups/hour of 200 degree water.  You can order the F-1000S filtration system seperatly if you would like filtered water.  The WAVE HC model comes with a second lever for cool filtered water.

Wave Hot Water Diespenser

  • ISE Model H-CLASSIC-SS hot water dispenser.  The Classic hot water dispenser is exactly that.  It is a classic that has been around since ISE came out with the hot water dispenser.  The CLASSIC has been subtlety redesigned to fit in with the times.  You can get the optional F-1000S filtration that is sold separately if you want upon order of the CLASSIC hot water dispenser.  This hot water dispenser as with the rest is capable of 60 cups/hour of 200 degree water with an automatic shut off upon release of the handle.  The CLASSIC hot water dispenser also comes with a 3 year in home warranty.  

In Sink Erator Classic Hot Water Dispenser Boise


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