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Most people think of Beam central vacuum's in Boise and they think that central vacuums are too expensive to have.  But yet when we get down to it central vacuums in Meridian are actually very affordable and the best part is, you don't have to find a place to store a big heavy vacuum cleaner.  You have a central vacuum unit that mounts in a garage or other location of your choice, than you have the central vacuum piping that connects the central vacuum to a couple of central vacuum outlets in your home that are just like the electrical outlet on your wall.  You just lift a flap on the wall outlet and plug in the central vacuum hose and central vacuum power head in and presto-the central vacuum is on, the central vacuum power head is light and easy to move and you don't have to listen to it run.  Boise's central vacuum pros have many options that we can offer to fit whatever your budget is or what your needs are.  

Beam Central Vacuum Boise Nampa and Caldwell

Why a Central Vacuum Over What We Are Used To?

There are quite a few reasons to consider a Boise central vacuum System.  One of the largest is your health.  Late in the 1970's homes started being built with tighter building standards, now days homes are built incredibly tight (sealed from the elements) and this is great for energy savings but not quite so great for those of us that live in them.  Everything we bring into our house stays in our house.  No drafty windows and doors that are leaking fresh air into our homes anymore.  If you have noticed things like asthma and breathing problems are on the rise.  A lot of this could be linked to the fact that our homes are sealed up so everything we cook, dust mites, pet dander etc all stay with us and circulate through our homes.  The common household air quality is in the top five EPA hazards.  When you vacuum, your expensive upright or canister vacuum, even if labeled or says on it that it is a really good vacuum they have been proven to leak a lot of that dirt, dust, dander etc. right back out into your home.  With a Nampa central vacuum that dirt and other nasty stuff gets pumped out of your living space and the revolutionary GORE-TEX self cleaning filter doesn't let all that dirt and dust out.  (Meaning it does not just pump it out into your garage onto your nice clean car)  It stays where it is supposed to, in the vacuum!  Since it is self cleaning it also doesn't loose suction as it fills up like a normal vacuum does.  Do you have some questions regarding getting a new Beam Central Vacuum in Boise, Nampa or Caldwell?  Click on the link below to send us an e mail or call 362-6200 for more information or to schedule a service call with Boise's Beam central Vacuum experts.  

What are some of the pro's to BEAM central vacuum's over the other brands?

  • the central vacuum programmable logic controller is state of the ar technology ensuring consistent reliable product performance
  • the exclusive patented quiet pak sound insulation system on Beam central vacuum's makes Beam the quietest central vacuum available
  • the beam central vacuum's rugged steel body construction provides long lasting durability
  • the high efficiency central vacuum motor delivers powerful cleaning for homes and offices up to 15,000 square feet
  • Beam central vacuums on-guard dirt receptacle is infused with the anti microbial agent AlphaSan that prevents growth in the catch bucket
  • the Self Cleaning HEPA filter in the Beam central vacuum is from the inventors of GORE-TEX fabric and allows the system to work like new every time!
  • with only the hose and the power head to move around you don't have to drag around a heavy upright or canister vacuum that beats up your walls and cabinets
  • almost 75% of new homes are already pre-piped for the central vacuum, just need to install the vacuum unit and the power head and hose

The Research:

Indoor air pollution is one of the most common problems addressed by allergists and is troublesome for their patients.  Central vacuum systems are often recommended for removing those pollutants.  Researchers set out to determine whether a central vacuum system can relieve allergy symptoms.  

The Findings:

Unlike conventional vacuums that can reticulate dust, a beam system removes dust, mites, pollen, animal dander and other allergens, and is superior to a conventional vacuum in providing relief from allergy symptoms.  The UC-Davis clinical study proves a Beam system reduces allergy symptoms.  Reduces Nasal issues by 47%, Non-Nasal conditions by 48%, eye irritation by 61%, sleep issues by 44% over the conventional vacuum.  For a complete copy of the study contact us for more information.  You can CLICK HERE to contact us via E mail or Call us at 362-6200.

Where Can I Get a Beam Central Vacuum Installed?

Whether you want a central vacuum in Caldwell, a central vacuum in Nampa, needing a central vacuum power head replacement in Boise, are in Meridian needing a central vacuum repaired or parts for your central vacuum in Mountain Home we have got you covered.  Ontario to Mountain Home, Nyssa to North Boise give us a call and we will get a Boise Central Vacuum professional to your office or home and get the best setup that fits in your budget figured out and installed for you.  

Here Are A Few Models of Beam Central Vacuum's That We Offer if You Want To Do Your Own Research First:

Beam Serenity IQS series Models 3700 and 3980

This is an 600 and 640 air watts vacuum with build in inlet, self cleaning filter, it has the electrolux control system and comes with the patented quiet pac sound insulation system, the 3700 has a 4 gallon dirt receptacle while the 3980 has a 7 gallon capacity.

Beam Serenity QS series Models 325, 375, and 398

Which is still in the serenity line, 550 to 640 air watts of power, the self cleaning filter, the programable logic controller, anti microbial bucket and still comes with the patented Quiet Pac sound insulation system, the model 325 has a 4 gallon dirt receptacle, the 375 has a 4 gallon dirt receptacle and the 398 has a 7 gallon dirt receptacle. 

Beam Serenity Plus Series Model 3500

This is an 1000 air watt vacuum that is still in the serenity line and what you would call the big dog.  It will do a building or home up to 15,000 square feet, has a 7 gallon receptacle, the gore-tex self cleaning filter, anti microbial bucket and many other neat features.  This is also 240 volt rather than 120 like most homes.  This is mainly designed for commercial use.

Beam Series Models 225, 275, and 298

Which has anywhere from 550 air watts up to 640 air watts of suction.  Comes with the built in inlet, programmable logic controller, self cleaning Gore-Tex Filter  and the optional venting.  The model 225 has a 4 gallon dirt receptacle, the 275 has a 4 gallon dirt receptacle and the 298 has a 7 gallon dirt receptacle.  It is 120v for a standard plug in.

Boise Nampa and Caldwell Central Vacuum Contractors

Reasons for having a Boise, Nampa or Caldwell Central Vacuum System!!

  • More than 15 million Americans are estimated to have asthma, including 1 in 13 school age children
  • Central Vacuum systems provide cleaner indoor air quality; removing particles without stirring up those microscopic dust particles and putting them back into the living space that a typical vacuum will do
  • Allergy and Asthma are increasing at epidemic proportions-affecting 1 out of 5 Americans
  • Central Vacuum Systems are typically installed in a garage area; thereby keeping the indoor air inside your home free of pollutants
  • 6 out of 10 homes are hazardous to its occupants
  • Homes built after 1979 are tighter, they have better insulation and exteriors of homes are wrapped tighter thereby not allowing the house to breathe, trapping those odors and other indoor contaminants
  • 87% of American homeowners are not aware that pollution may be worse inside their homes than outdoors
  • Dust, Dander, Mold, Mites, pollen and other allergens make millions of allergy and asthma sufferers miserable in their own homes
  • Indoor air quality is 2-5 times and occasionally 100 times worse than outdoor air!  And it is estimated most people spend 90% of their time indoors.  
  • Homes with pets require extra-thorough, deep cleaning 
  • Air pollution contributes to lung disease, including respiratory tract infections, asthma and lung cancer.  Lung disease claims close to 335,000 lives in America every year and is the third leading cause of death in the United States.

Reasons listed above are the courtesy of: the Healthy House Institute, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, American journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, American Lung Association.

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