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Do you have a commercial refrigerator, reach in cooler, or glass chiller? Just like any other piece of equipment, these work better when taken care of.  Coils need to be clean and free of dust and grime in order for them to function properly.  Refrigerant and oil levels need to be maintained at certain quantities in order for the compressors to operate efficiently.  Having to charge your unit indicates an underlying issue. Stop pouring your hard earned dollars into refridgerant, give Drake Mechanical a call and we will send out one of our highly trained technicians to get your commercial refrigeratorup and running quickly and efficiently.  We understand that when your equipment breaks the clock is ticking and are here with 24/7/365 emergency service to keep you going.  Do you have specific needs?  Give us a call and let us Right Size your maintenance and repair needs.   

Top Commercial Refrigeration Units

  • Frigidaire Commercial Refrigerators
  • Summit Appliances Commercial 
  • Turbo Air Commercial 
  • Frigid Air Double Door Commercial Refrigerators
  • Ascend Commercial Refrigerators
  • True Manufacturing Commercial Refrigerators
  • Maxx Cold Commercial Refrigerators
  • Beverage Merchandisers from Summit Appliances
  • FMA Omcan Food Machinery
  • Turbo Air 3 door Commercial Refrigerators
  • BlueAir Commercial Refrigerators
  • True Manufacturing Reach in Commercial Refrigerators
  • Hoshizaki Commercial Refrigerators
  • F.W.E. URS-10 Full Size Commercial Refrigerator 

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