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What Is A Condensing Unit?

A condensing unit is the part of your Air Conditioner that sits outside the home.  It is typically what everyone refers to as "the Air Conditioner".  The air conditioner's condensing unit is the most vital part of your system since it houses all of the important parts. The condensing unit houses the compressor, the heat that is removed from your home is pushed through the piping inside the fins. To put it simply, the condensing unit is the heart of the air conditioner.

My Condensing Unit Won't Come On

The only way to verify and figure out what is wrong with your Air Conditioner's Condensing unit  is to come out and look at it.  Drake Mechanical's  highly trained technicians have learned how to best diagnose your Air Conditioners problems and get your home or office cooling off again. Start capacitors, contractors, refrigerant levels and more,  we can identify the issue in a timely fashion and repair or replace as necessary.  Drake Mechanical is ready to take on your air conditioning condensing units emergency calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Big or small we service them all.  

Can You Replace My Condensing Unit?

Yes as a matter of fact we can.  Once your Air Conditioner's condensing unit reaches a certain age it may not make sense to repair your old unit and will actually save you money in the long run to replace it with a new energy efficient Air Conditioning Condensing Unit.  Efficiencies have improved dramatically in the last few years. Refrigerants in the newer units are environmentally friendly, unlike some of the older refrigerants.  One of the largest factors in repair vs. replace is the fact that the older refrigerants are not made anymore and therefore the cost of the refrigerant and parts to repair continue to rise. If you have a unit that require R-22 refrigerant, you may have to face this issue sooner, rather than later, as manufacturers have stopped making this type of refridgerant.  

Recommended Maintenance:

  • Keep grass and plants from growing up around your air conditioner so that it can "Breath" and get airflow a crossed the coil for better heat transfer
  • Have your Air Conditioner serviced by a licensed air conditioning professional to verify it is in working condition before it hits 90 degrees outside
  • Check your air conditioner amp draws on motors to make sure they are not going out
  • Check the start capacitors to make sure they are working as designed
  • Check condensing unit refrigerant levels for too much or too little (too much can be just as bad as too little)
  • Clean the evaporative coil inside the furnace so that it can get good airflow a crossed it, this also helps with icing up
  • Any other checks that the technician deems necessary to assure that your air conditioner is working properly


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