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Do You Have A Bury Hydrant?

Do you want a bury hydrant?  A bury hydrant or yard faucet is a faucet that goes in out in the yard with piping underground.  These yard faucets can be connected to your pressurized irrigation, well water or city water with no problem.  A bury hydrant is very helpful if you have a garden that is 50 feet from your house and you get tired of dragging a hose, maybe you have livestock to water or a barn that you would like to have water in?  Drake Mechanicals plumbers can help you figure out the cost and get your new bury hydrant installed quickly and professionally.  Do you need your yard faucet replaced or moved?  Drake Mechanicals plumbers literally do it all, no plumbing job is too big or too small.  Yard hydrants, bury hydrants or sometimes called yard faucets can be very convenient so that you don't have to run 100' of hose just to water your garden.  Yard faucets are also freeze proof as they  typically at least have 4' of pipe buried in the ground to where they are connected to the water supply.  This keeps the frost from being able to get to the water and freeze and break the yard faucet.  Drake Mechanical sells quality Woodford products so you can have a long a worry free life with your bury hydrant.  These bury hydrants also drain down into the ground every time you turn them off so that they can not stay full of water and freeze.  Periodically these bury hydrants also need some minor adjustment as they get older to keep the water shut off and not leaking into the ground or out of the spigot.  This is something that can be done when we are out on our annual plumbing inspection.  Give us a call today and we will get on of our specialized technicians out to see exactly what will fit you and your family best!  

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How a Bury Hydrant Works:

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