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Drake Mechanical can handle all of your swamp cooler needs! From new unit installation to minor nad major repairs, we have all your swamp cooler needs covered. Drake Mechanical can also help you winterize your swamp cooler when it starts getting cold outside.  If you have questions regarding preventative maintenance or need a service call please give us a call or Click below to send us an e mail.  

Common Checks Drake Mechanical Does When Doing Preventative Maintenance on A Swamp Cooler In Boise, Nampa or Caldwell

  • Check Fill for issues
  • Turn on water and check for leaks
  • Check and verify that float and shut off valve is working
  • Check overflow for functionality
  • Amp Motors for proper amp draw
  • And More! 

Why Swamp coolers in Idaho?

If you want fresh air, humidity and cheap cooling then swamp cooling might be the best and most economical fit for your home.  In a lot of applications swamp cooling is the economical way to go, especially for a shop or warehouse.  You get 100% fresh air, cheap cooling and low maintenance.  If you have large spaces with doors that are opening and closing frequently, a mechanical air conditioning unit would become much more costly compared to a swamp cooler.   With swamp coolers you actually want the air to be vented back to the outside, this helps keep the humidity low and the cooling effective.  swamp coolers give an environment that doesn't dry out your skin and sinuses, where as traditional air conditioner systems remove the humidity from the air. Another great feature to this style of cooling is there is no refrigerant to replace, it uses water as the cooling agent.  One of the only downfalls to evaporative cooling is that on really hot days the air you get out of an evaporator cooler is not quite as cool compared to a mechanical air conditioner

Breezair Swamp Coolers

Why Breezair?  There are a few reasons that we recommend Breezair evaporative coolers: 

  • Corrosion proof cabinets that wont rust, fade or discolor - 25 year corrosion free guarantee
  • Tornado pumps, designed and manufactured by seeley international, high levels of reliability and safety
  • AQUA flow non clogging water distribution system maximizes cooling efficiency
  • Intelligent water management system maintains a clean operating system
  • Chillcel pads are built strong to last longer and are easy to clean and replace when necessary
  • The water manager system ensures optimum machine life with minimum maintenance
  • High efficiency hush power direct drive motor is the quietest motor available

Required Maintenance

 As with all mechanical equipment there is of course annual or bi-annual maintenance that is required to get a long trouble free life out of your swamp cooler.  Some of this is as simple as cleaning and inspecting the unit in the spring for proper operation of all parts and motors and in the fall making sure everything is properly drained down on your evaporative cooler to prevent freeze breaks once winter hits.  There is actually very little maintenance on these units.

Breezair Icon Series Evaporative Cooler

  • Model EXH 170 Which has 7500 CFM of airflow and is capable of 45,000 BTU's of cooling.  This series is one of the worlds most quiet swamp cooler.
  • Model EXH 210 which has 9500 CFM of airflow and is capable of 51,000 BTU's of cooling.  This is also part of the same series that is the worlds most quiet swamp cooler

Breezair EXT Series Whole - House 2 Speed Evaporative Coolers

  • Model EXT 155 Evaporative Cooler which is a 5500 CFM, 27,631 BTU Swamp Cooler with a two speed fan on it for energy savings
  • Model EXT 265 Evaporative Cooler which is a 6500 CFM, 36,245 BTU Swamp cooler with a two speed fan on it for energy savings

Breezair EXV series Variable Speed Evaporative Coolers

  • Model EXV 155 Evaporative Cooler which is a 5500 CFM, 27,583 BTU swamp cooler with a variable speed fan for even better energy savings, the fan only runs as fast as it needs to in order to keep you cool.
  • Model EXV 275 Evaporative cooler which is a 7500 CFM, 39,974 BTU swamp cooler with a variable speed fan for even better energy savings, the fan only runs as fast as it needs to in order to keep you cool.

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