Natural Gas Refueling Panels in Boise Nampa and Caldwell

You Now Have a Fleet Natural Gas Filling Station So What Is Next?

Now that you have a fueling station you need to get the next piece installed.  A refueling panel is designed to be used in conjunction with the FuelMaker FMQ series and FM4 Series of Vehicle Refueling Appliances.  The Remote fueling panel incorporates a user panel that will start and stop the Vehicle Re-fueling station or appliance as well as indicator lights that display the operating status of the system.  The remote fueling panel can be installed either indoors or outdoors according to the needs of the user.  However the Vehicle refueling station must always be installed outdoors.  A refueling panel is available with one or two fill hose assemblies.  The Refueling panel may be mounted to a wall, or mounted onto a post outside using the post mounting kit.  The model R410 is designed to re-fuel the 3000 psi natural gas systems while the model R410-36 is designed to re-fuel the 3600 psi natural gas systems.  Whether you need either model of these Remote Fueling panels in Boise Nampa or Caldwell Drake Mechanical can get you set up easily and quickly so that you can start using your new equipment at your location rather than having to go offsite to fuel up your fleet with clean natural gas.  The Model FMQ-10 and FMQ-8-36 natural gas vehicle refueling stations in Eagle can only be used with pressurized manifold configurations when connected to a remote refueling panel.  A remote fueling panel must only be connected to one Meridian natural gas vehicle refueling station.  If additional fueling points are required, one or more auxiliary fueling panels must be installed and manifolded to the high pressure tubing from the Boise natural gas re-fueling station.  If you have more questions regarding how to get the natural gas filling stations installed for your fleet or home, then please give Drake Mechanical a call today or click on the link below to contact us via e mail.  If you have an emergency then please call rather than e mail so that we can get you taken care of quickly after hours.


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