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Camera Sewer Repair and Inspections 

A Nampa sewer video camera inspection is a pretty good tool to use if you are having drain issues and can't figure out why it keeps happening.  If you have a broken sewer line, a sag in the sewer line where it has settled out in the yard or tree roots constantly penetrating and growing inside the sewer piping.  A sewer camera repair inspection in Boise can locate exactly where the problem is and visually show you what is going on without having to dig up the piping to see it.  When it becomes necessary to find the pipe via a Caldwell video camera inspection there is also a tool that works in conjunction with the sewer camera for locating the piping and how deep it is so a proper assessment can be done of what needs to happen in order to replace or repair the sewer piping.  If you have a belly in the sewer line then we can locate it within a couple inches and know exactly where to dig rather than the old method of hoping you know exactly where the sewer line is and digging up your whole yard.  This can increase accuracy, decrease the damage to your landscaping and save on cost of labor.  If you have questions regarding sewer drain line inspections in Boise Nampa or Caldwell or need to have your sewer line video camera inspected please call 208-362-6200 today or click on the link below to contact us via e mail.    For emergency service please call for immediate assistance.  


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