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Do You Own A Home?  If You Have a House Most Likely You Have Hose Bibbs.  

Most homes and even most office buildings have at least one hose bibb (an outdoor faucet, sometimes called silcock) on it.  Most homes in Boise have at least two hose bibbs.  These outdoor faucets are used for watering flower beds, washing your car, ect.  Hose bibbs can be troublesome if they start leaking.  They can freeze in the winter then cause flooding in the basement or inside the crawl space and you won't know it until it is too late as they freeze back in the wall or below the floor where you cant see it.  Hose bibs are not just the part sticking outside the wall.  Most outdoor faucets are at least 10 inches long and actually shut off back inside the house.  This helps prevent freezing in the winter as the water is actually back inside the house and the remaining water drains out when you shut it off and disconnect the hose.   Drake Mechanical's plumbers can get your hose bibb fixed back up and watering your garden in no time.  If it is a plumbing emergency give us a call day or night so that we can get right on it.  We do not recommend re building hose bibbs due to the way they are built; it is better to replace them with a new, good quality product.  Drake Mechanical installs quality Woodford hose bibb products that will last you a long time and are easy to use.  Woodford hose bibbs are Drake Mechanical plumber tested and approved!  

how do i repair my outside faucet in Boise

What about Soft Water Hose Bibbs or Even Hot And Cold Water Hose Bibbs For Washing Cars???

Yes, you can also have a hose bibb put in your garage that will do hot and cold water, and if you have a water softener we can make sure that it is a soft water hose bibb for washing your car spot free.

Hot and Cold Hose Bibb Repair in Boise

Fall and Winter Hose Bibb and Outdoor Faucet Tips:

To help prevent freezing issues, disconnect all hoses from the hose bids on your home and office. This will allow the water to drain out, protecting the hose bibb and faucet from freezing. We recommend getting a plumbing inspection each spring which includes going through the crawl space and checking for  any leaks or drips. This simple inspection can save you a lot of time and money!  Below is a picture of how a hose bibb typically splits when frozen.  As you can see the break is quite a ways back from the part you can see on the outside.  It will also only leak typically when the hose bibb is turned on.

Frozen Hose Bibb in Boise

Here are a few of the Woodford products that we recommend.

Woodford  Model 17P-12-MH
12" frost free model 17P which is your entry level hose bibb with the spigot coming out of the bottom

Woodford Model 27-P-12
12" frost free model 27 which is  a nicer looking easier to use hose bibb that the spigot is to the side of the handle

Woodford Model 30-P-10
10" frost free model 30 which is very similar to the 27 only with a different style vacuum breaker 

Woodford Model V-22
This is a hot and cold 12" frost free hose bibb for outdoor use.  This hose bibb will give you hot and cold water or a mix of both outdoors for washing cars or whatever use you might need hot water for.   

Woodford Model 22CP3-12-MH
This is an 12" Hot and Cold Frost Free Faucet with 3/4" connection.  Great faucet for for whatever the use, if you want hot water in your garage or outdoors this will work out fantastic!

Have Problems with People Using Your Water?

If you have an office building or maybe you have problems with people using your water, Woodford also makes multiple models of keyless hose bibbs. This makes it a lot more difficult for people to access your expensive water.  You can take the keyless hose bibb one step further if you need to and get a hose bibb with a locking door on it.  These type of outdoor faucets are most common in places like downtown Boise where you have a sidewalk and lots of people walking by that might want to access your water or turn it on just to be malicious.  Our plumbers can help you figure out which hose bibb is right for your home or office.

Frost Free Hose Bibb Installation in Boise

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