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York Indoor Air Quality Products

York has helped us expand what we can offer you in the line of amazing indoor air quality products for your home or office.  From equipment to ventilate stale indoor air, kill airborne germs, and trap airborne particulates.  On top of that, they have some pretty amazing technology to add humidity to the dry Idaho air we have.  That helps your air filter catch more particulates and also helps with your hardwood floors and nice wood furniture.  These add-ons to your furnace or heating system will help you with your home comfort package.  Whether it is UV filtration on your furnace or a better air cleaner, we can help you figure out what is the best application for your home and family.  

What are the products that we are referring to, you might ask? 

  • Affinity Series Hybrid Electronic Air Cleaners
  • York Ultraviolet Irradiation Systems
  • York Media Air Cleaners
  • York Humidifiers
  • York Central Dehumidifiers
  • York Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators


  • Affinity Hybrid electronic air cleaners are the most effective air cleaners in their class, 24 hours a day and seven days a week; they have been rated the number 1 overall whole house air cleaners three years in a row by a leading consumer rating.  It removes a broad range of harmful particles from the air, including invisible ones, and has an efficiency rating equivalent to a MERV 16 filter.  It also has a convenient 1-year service life.
  • York Media Air Cleaners: This professional-grade air cleaner reduces antigens and allergens re-circulated through the air.  It removes 97% of pollen-size particles and 85% of fungi-size particles.  It also has a convenient 1--2-year filter service life.
  • York Humidifiers are available in bypass or power.  These humidifiers replenish the much-needed moisture inside a home.  Includes a manual humidistat with the option to upgrade to an automatic humidifier control.
  • York Central Dehumidifiers: These whole-house dehumidifiers integrate with your HVAC system to control moisture levels in the home quietly and effectively.  The 90 and 135-pints-per-day units also have built-in intelligent fan cycling and optional ventilation features.  
  • York Ultraviolet Irradiation Systems: This is one of the best-performing UV systems in the industry; even at low ambient temperatures, this UV system is mounted on the evaporator coil for maximum efficiency.  Indicator lights let you know how it is working.  A blue light shows it is working properly.  A yellow light appears after 9 months of operation, and a red light indicates a problem or appears after 12 months to let you know it is time to replace your bulbs.
  • York Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators: These units transfer heat and help reduce window condensation.  They include a defrost package and have intermittent and continuous operating modes. 

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