Affinity Hybrid Electronic Air Cleaner for your home in Boise, Nampa or Caldwell

The Affinity Hybrid Electronic Air Cleaners, A More Efficient, Effective Way to Improve Your Homes Airflow and Have Cleaner Air To Breath

Do you want superior air filtration in your Boise Home?  Well now you can.  There is a cost effective furnace filter solution that you can have in your home or office that can help eliminate dust and dirt out of the air in your home.  It is called the York Affinity Hybrid Electronic Air Cleaner.  This is a Merv 16 efficiency furnace filter.  Merv filter ratings stand for "Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value".  The Affinity Series Hybrid Electronic air filter protects and improves your heating and cooling system performance by keeping the air flowing cleanly and efficiently.  It is also designed to make filter replacement a snap. If you are tired of allergies and want some clean air in your home this is a definete route to go.  

Model Number:

Affinity Series Hybrid Electronic Air Cleaner Model Number S1-HEAC3000Y 

A couple of Pro's to This Furnace Air Filtration Equipment

  •  Merv 16 Filtration
  • 5 year Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Helps your furnace run more efficient while eliminating dust and dirt from the air your family breathes
  • Rated #1 by consumers 3 years in a row

Where can these filters be installed?

Drake Mechanical can install these high efficiency air filtration units from one end of the Treasure Valley to the other but that is not all, Drake Mechanical also can get you cleaner air in the following locations:

  • Boise
  • Meridian
  • Eagle
  • Nampa
  • Caldwell
  • Kuna
  • Star
  • Middleton
  • Marsing
  • Mountain Home
  • Nyssa
  • Ontario
  • Idaho City
  • Garden Valley
  • Notus
  • Parma
  • York Affinity Air Cleaner Boise Nampa and Caldwell

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