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Steam Traps

If you have a steam heating system (whether in your office building, industrial facility or in your home), chances are very high that you have steam traps of some sort or another.  Whether you have a float and thermostatic steam trap in Boise, a Liquid expansion steam trap in Meridian, an Balanced Pressure Steam Trap in Kuna or an Thermodynamic steam trap in Nampa or Caldwell, Drake Mechanical can get your maintenance done, test your steam traps or replace them as necessary.  Something else that we see from time to time is that the wrong steam trap for the application.  

What Is a Steam Trap and What Does It Do?

A steam trap is a device that is located on the downstream side of a piece of steam equipment, whether it be a steam radiator, a steam finned tube baseboard heater, a steam coil in a furnace or the many other types of steam equipment that you would see in a commercial or industrial application.  It's purpose is to regulate and balance the steam and steam condensate system and make it work efficiently.  Steam traps will take the condensed water that is the by product of the dissipation of heat in the steam system and discharges it as needed to prevent the escape of live steam.  This makes your steam work for you rather than just putting it right back into the boiler causing your steam boiler to run more often.  If a steam trap wears out then it can stick open and cause you to be pumping steam into your condensate receiver rather than just hot water making the trip back to the boiler to be reconverted into steam.  This can cause popping and banging inside the piping.  If you have questions or need your steam traps checked, serviced or replaced then give us a call anytime at 208-362-6200 or CLICK HERE to contact us via e mail.


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