Boise Nampa and Caldwell's Residential Natural Gas Filling Station

Ready To Get Green and Save Money Doing It?

Get hooked up with a Phill, A Phill is a natural gas home filling station made by BRC Fuelmaker.  This Boise Natural Gas Filling station unit gets installed in your garage, mounted on the wall where you want it and you can fill up your car every night or as needed  and you don't have to mess with going to the gas station or finding a Place that sells Natural gas for your car.  This Caldwell Natural gas filling station for your home saves you time and saves you money.  To get started on leaving about how to get one of these Caldwell natural gas filling stations installed in your home or office give us a call or click on the link below to contact us via e mail.  

What Are Some Of The Steps In The Process You Might Ask?

This is a very good question.   It is actually a pretty simple and painless process to get your BRC fuelmaker Phill Station installed in Boise, Nampa, Caldwell or any of the surrounding areas.  Drake Mechanical will handle the whole thing.  The first thing we need to do is talk to Intermountain Gas Company about installing a second gas meter by your house that will be specifically for the Phill natural gas filling station.  This meter will also be billed at a lower rate than the natural gas that you already have in your home.  The second stage is for us to come in, run a gas line from the new gas meter to the location for the Meridian Natural gas filling station and then install the Phill unit on the wall.  After that we will bring in a licensed electrician who is also trained on installing these units and they will install a disconnect specifically for this unit in case of emergency so that you can shut it off just like at the gas station.  Once it is all installed and tested, we call for a mechanical inspection on your new Phill Natural gas home filling station in Boise Nampa or Caldwell, get it inspected and you are good to go and start filling your car from home.  It does not get much easier than that!

What are the natural gas home filling station models out there?

There are basically two models of the Phill unit that are designed specifically for the house.  The natural gas home filling station will compress the natural gas from the incoming line pressure from Intermountain Gas Company to around 3000 psi so that you can get more volume of gas into the fuel tank.  

Model E77HRAG15P3000  AND MODEL E77HRAG15P3001 PHILL-P30 

This unit has a flow rate of around 1.5 cubic meters per hour.  It requires 220 volt ac power which is common in pretty much all of our homes so that is not a big deal.  These units are quiet and will fill you car with clean natural gas overnight so that it is ready to go in the morning.  This comes with mounting brackets, power cord, hose, straight filling nozzle and cooling air inlet and outlet assemblies.

Model E77HRAG15P3600 AND MODEL E77HRAG15P3601 PHILL-36

This Natural gas home filling station in Boise has a flow rate of .8 cubic feet per minute and a maximum discharge pressure of 3,600 psig.  This unit requires 240 volts AC current and will also fill your care overnight with clean natural gas so that you don't have to mess with finding a gas station to fill up your car.  For more information on any of the Phill BRC FuelMaker units please dont hesitate to call us. 

Phill Accessories:

Remote Gas Sensor Model HRA Gen 1.5, This is a remote gas sensor for use on indoor applications where the local jurisdiction requires a remote gas sensor.

Depressurizing Tool, This is a tool used to depressurize the hose assembly in the event of a drive away.

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