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Variable-Speed Furnace Installation

Variable-speed furnaces circulate more air throughout the home for longer periods of time, reducing air stratification room-to-room and floor-to-floor. These longer run cycles of the furnaces can improve air quality by increasing air filtration.  Variable-speed furnaces offer significant operating cost savings and whisper quiet operation over the older heating systems. These systems also feature an ECM blower motor that uses less electricity than a 100 watt light bulb. Standard furnace motors use nearly 500 watts.  The benefits of having a Variable Speed furnace or a blower motor with a VFD (variable frequency drive) in it is that it only runs as fast as it needs to instead of only running in one speed like a standard furnace.  A second benefit is that they are much quieter, the slower the fan speed the quieter the equipment is. In the end it translates to savings! If you are looking for help figuring out what kind of furnace is best for you and your family give us a call or click on the link below to contact us via e mail for an estimate on a new heating system.

Ruud's Variable Speed Furnace Products

Here is a list of a couple models of variable speed gas furnaces that Ruud and Drake Mechanical offers if you would like to research some variable speed furnace and heating options.

Variable Speed Furnace List Coming Soon!!!

Variable-Speed Furnace Repairs?

Drake Mechanical can take care of all of your furnace repairs and new furnace installation anywhere in the Treasure Valley and most places beyond!  Drake's has been fixing furnaces and heating equipment since 1909 and our highly trained technicians stay up to date on the latest furnace and heating technologies and equipment, so no matter what brand of furnace you have we can get you fixed up and back up to a comfortable temperature in no time!  For fewer breakdowns and longer lasting, more efficient equipment, we highly recommend having your furnace inspected and serviced every year to catch any up and coming problems that normally do not arise until it is 5 degrees below zero outside.

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