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Drake Mechanical can heat your facility in many ways. Rooftop units, radiant floor heat, or just a simple unit heater, we do it all. Unit heaters are a great way to heat your building, warehouse, shop, pump house or other facility inexpensively and efficiently.  Commercial heating units come in a variety of sizes, fuel sources and efficiencies.  Drake Mechanical can help get the most heat for your dollar into your facility.  From Steam or hot water unit heaters to natural gas, even propane unit heaters, we can get them all.  There are options for electric unit heaters although due to the cost of electric resistance heat we don't recommend this option in most cases.  Whatever your fuel source is for your unit heater Drake Mechanical can help you get the heat on!  

Types of Unit Heaters

There are many different types, shapes and sizes of unit heaters.  Depending on what you are trying to heat we can help you pick out which model fits your type best.

  • Sterling Tubular Gas Fired Unit Heater Model GG.  These are a tubular design propeller type unit heater that uses a single orfice type burner.  The low profile design and different sizes range from 30,000  to 120,000 MBH and make it ideal for all applications.  Some pluses to this model of unit heater is that it comes in 7 different sizes, this unit heater  has an easy access control panel, it is certified for category 1 and 3 venting and has an OSHA type fan guard.    This unit heater works great in Boise, Nampa, Meridian or Caldwell.  

Tubular gas fired unit heater

  • Sterling Propeller Type Gas Fired Unit Heaters Model QVEF.  The Sterling model QVEF high efficiency unit heater is an 80% efficient gas unit heater and achieves annual fuel savings of over 25% above other models of unit heaters.  The QVEF unit heater comes in many different sizes ranging from 100,000 MBH to 400,000 MBH, this unit heater also comes with an aluminizes steel heat exchanger and an optional stainless steel heat exchanger.  The Sterling propeller gas unit heater also comes with a single stage gas vale, spark ignition, easy burner access for maintenance and an optional modulating or dual stage gas valve.    This is a great all around unit heater for your larger warehouse and other shop areas.  

Propeller gas fired unit heater

  • Sterling Blower Type Gas Fired Unit Heater Model QVEB.  This unit heater is a high efficiency model unit heater with a factory installed power vent and sealed flue collector that controls combustion and excess air during on cycles.  This unit heater comes in 10 different sizes that range from 100,000 MBH to 400,000 MBH and comes with a 20 gauge aluminized heat exchanger.  This unit heater is available in propane (LP) or natural gas and comes with spark ignition and many other optional features.  If you have questions on these unit heaters, let our technicians take a look at your facility and get your unit heater Right Sized for you.  If you need gas piping for your unit heaters Drake Mechanical can get that done for you as well.

blower type gas fired unit heater

Unit Heater Service and Repair

 Drake Mechanical can get all of your unit heater repairs taken care of quickly and for a fair price.  We install and repair all unit heater brands. Not sure what brand is best for you? Our experts will can assess your needs and budget to find the Right Size fit for your business. 

Unit Heater Brands Service and Unit Heater Brands Installed

  • Sterling unit heaters
  • Modine unit heaters
  • Hot Dawg unit heaters
  • Reznor unit heaters
  • Mr. Heater unit heaters
  • Lennox unit heaters
  • Heatsor unit heaters
  • Hamilton unit heaters
  • Dornback unit heaters
  • Bananza unit heaters
  • ADP unit heaters
  • Beacon/Morris unit heaters


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