Evaporative coolers

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Why Evaporative Air Conditioning in Idaho?

If you have large industrial or commercial buildings or warehouse space evaporative cooling might be the best and most economical fit for your business.  In a lot of applications, evaporative cooling is the most economical way to go! You get 100% fresh air, cheap cooling and low maintenance.  If you have large spaces with doors that are frequently opening and closing, evaporative mechancial air conditioning can be very costly.  With Evaporative cooling you actually want the air to be vented back to the outside, this helps with the cooling and not having too much humidity buildup.  With evaporative cooling you also get an environment that doesn't dry out your skin and sinuses, where as air conditioners remove the humidity from the air.

Here Are A Couple Of Evaporative Coolers (swamp coolers) Drake Mechanical can install for you


Breezair Evaporative Coolers

Why Breezair?  There are a few reasons that we recommend Breezair evaporative coolers.  

  • Corrosion proof cabinets that wont rust, fade or discolor - 25 year corrosion free guarantee
  • Tornado pumps, designed and manufactured by seeley international, high levels of reliability and safety
  • AQUA flow non clogging water distribution system maximizes cooling efficiency
  • Intelligent water management system maintains a clean operating system
  • Chillcel pads are built strong to last longer and are easy to clean and replace when necessary
  • The Water manager system ensures optimum machine life with minimum maintenance
  • High efficiency hush power direct drive motor is the quietest motor available

Yearly Maintenance 

As with all mechanical equipment, annual or bi-annual maintenance is required to get a long, trouble free life out of your evaporative cooler. There is actually very little maintenance on these units; a simple cleaning and inspecting of unit in the spring and a proper drained down on your evaporative cooler to prevent freeze breaks in the fall. Let us handle your maintenace and we will handle scheduling reminders so you don't have to!

Some Common Models of Evaporative Coolers That Drake Mechanical Recommends

  • Model TBA 450 Evaporative cooler which is capable of moving 10,000 cubic feet per minute of air, 41,200 btu's of cooling and uses a max of 4.6 amps during use.  These also have a variable speed fan controller
  • Model EXH 170 Evaporative cooler which is capable of moving 7,500 CFM of air with a maximum of 45,000 btu/hr of cooling and uses a max of 5.8 amps during use.  This has a variable speed inverter on it as well.
  • Model EXH 210 Evaporative cooler which is capable of moving 9,500 cubic feet per minute of air with a maximum capacity of 51,000 btu/hr of cooling and uses a max of 7.6 amps during use.  THis unit also comes with a variable speed inverter.
  • Model MobileMax2 which is a portable evaporative cooler which is capable of moving 6,500 cubic feet per minute of air with a maximum capacity of 28,800 btu/hr of cooling.  This evaporative cooler has a 2 speed fan controller on it.
  • Model MobileMax3 which is a portable evaporative cooler that has an 8,500 cfm capacity and 42,000 btu/hr of cooling.  This Evaporative cooler in Meridian also has a 2 speed fan control
  • Model EXV 155 which is a 5500 cfm evaporative cooler that has a max capacity of 27,600 btu/hr of cooling.  This unit also has a variable speed fan controller.
  • Model EXT 265 which is an 6,500 cubic feet per hour evaporative cooler with a cooling capacity of 36,000 btu/hr


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