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Do You Have An Air Conditioner?

If you have an Air Conditioner then you have an evaporator coil.  An evaporator coil is the coil that is under, off to the side or on top of your furnace depending on the direction of Air Flow. Annual cleaning is so important, and most people don't know to think about it.  It is very important that these remain clean for proper air flow.  With heavy dirt and dust buildup on your evaporator coil your home will stay hot, and your Air conditioner will not be able to do it's job properly. This can also lead to the unit freezing up. A dirty air conditioning condensing unit does not allow proper air flow through the coil, causing the electrical parts in your furnace to short cycle and overheat.  This will damage the inside your furnace.  We can remove and install a new evaporator coil as long as we can get the equipment for the appropriate refriegerant type. The federal governent is making it more difficult to get the parts and the refrigerant for models requiring R-22.  They have banned the manufacturing of R-22 refrigerant which means the replacement units are not being manufactured any more either.  Avoid the rush, give us a call today to get your AC service done before it gets hot.  

Yearly Maintenance on your Air Conditioners Evaporator Coil

Here are just a few of the things we do on our multi point air conditioning tune up:

  • Clean your Air Conditioning evaporator coil for efficiency and functionality
  • Inspect your Air conditioning evaporator coil for possible leaks and issues
  • Change your furnace filter regularly which will help reduce dirt buildup on your air conditioner's evaporative coil 
  • Check your Air Conditioning's evaporator coil for proper condensate drain flow (a blocked condensate drain will cause the water to run into your ductwork which will rust out or block air flow in your ductwork rather than going outside or to a drain like it is supposed to, as an air conditioner runs it actually de-humidifies and removes water out of the air in your home or office.  This means that water has to go somewhere and in your ductwork is not a good place for it.) 


Drake Mechanical, the home of the true one year guarantee.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your new heating and air conditioning equipment in the first year we will buy it back.


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