Evaporative Cooler Air Diffusers in Boise Nampa and Caldwell

Got an Evaporative Cooler but Need the Diffusers

Drake Mechanical can help you get the right diffusers for the right application.  From standard ceiling tile diffusers to specialized diffusers for other applications.  If you have an Evaporative cooler for a commercial or industrial building then you most likely will need the proper diffuser for the application at hand.  Having the wrong diffusers will whistle, make noise and you won't be very happy with the results.  Breezair Diffusers are made specifically for the equipment that goes with them so that they will function properly, distribute the air where it needs to be and they do it quietly.  All of the Diffuser plenums are vacuum formed from a high strength low weight ABS plastic.  The diffuser itself is constructed with aluminum airfoil blades, individually adjustable from fully open to closed for maximum directional air control.  If you have questions on any kind of diffuser for any kind of application please give us a call at 208-362-6200 or click on the link below to contact us.  If it is an after hours emergency please call rather than e mail so that we can make sure you get taken care of immediately.  

Here Are A Couple Of Different Models Of Diffusers That We Recommend 

If you have an Evaporative cooler and need diffusers these models are a couple that would most likely work great for your air diffuser needs in a warehouse or industrial application:

Breezair Model spr0511001, This diffuser has 4 outlets, a free area of 5.6 square feet and is square in shape.

Breezair Model spr0505002, This diffuser has 8 outlets, a free area of 7 square feet and is octagon in shape.


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