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Drake Mechanicals team of journeyman plumbers in Boise Nampa and Caldwell can get you competitive pricing and get your sink installed quickly ,and painlessly! Lavatory sinks are something that you probably don't sit around and think about unless you are getting ready to remodel your bathroom or maybe you are tired of that old green or pink sink from the 1960's.  Drake Mechanical has been installing lavatory sinks and bathroom sinks in Boise, Nampa and Caldwell since 1909. Drake Mechanical's plumbers can help you choose the right faucet and sink to fit your decor and style. Our plumbers highly recommend Kohler and American Standard bathroom sinks but we can supply and install any brand.  If you want to go look at these fixtures in person, our plumber can recommend a showroom for you to visit prior to the purchase.  

Glass bathroom sink in Boise

Popular Lavatory Sinks


Vessel Sinks:

  • Kohler Chord vessel sink which is a china countertop mount vessel type bathroom sink.  

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  • Kohler Timpani vessel sink.  This is a countertop mounted very modern stainless steel bathroom sink.

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  • Kohler Lavinia vessel sink.  This is a glass countertop mount vessel bathroom sink.

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  • American Standard Morning sink.  This is an above counter mount sink or otherwise called a vessel sink.  It is attractive and has a clean finish.

Above counter bathroom sinks

Pedestal Lavatory Sinks:

  • Kohler Cimarron pedestal bathroom sink.  This is a china lavatory that stands on the floor.  Pedestal sinks are a little more traditional than most and for any bathroom these sinks have a fantastic look.

Pedestal sink installation Boise

  • Kohler Wellworth pedestal lavatory sink.  The Wellworth pedestal sink is a timeless classic.  The Wellworth has long been one of Kohler's great products.

Kohler Wellworth Pedestal Lav

  • Kohler Anatole pedestal bathroom sink.  The Anatole pedestal lavatory is a beautiful traditional sink.  This pedestal sink would go great with any old fashioned decor.

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  • American Standard Cadet 24" pedestal sink.  This is a great looking Pedestal lavatory that is pretty much timeless.  Once you install this sink you should not have to change sinks again for a long time.

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  • American Standard Town Square 27" pedestal sink.  The Town Square pedestal lavatory sink is a more traditional looking sink that fits most decors and can really freshen up an older bathroom with a great new clean look.

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Drop In Bathroom Sinks:

  • Kohler Kathryn Drop in bathroom sink.  The Kathryn drop in lavatory is a pretty as the name sounds.  It has a vintage look to the sink that is still modern enough to fit most any decor.

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  • Kohler Ellington Drop in bathroom sink.  The Kohler Ellington Drop in sink is probably one of the most common bathroom sinks that our plumbers install.  The Ellington is a great product for a great price.

Kohler Ellington lavatory installed by Caldwell Plumber

  • Kohler Rythm Drop in Bathroom Sink.  The Rythm is a great looking modern stainless steel bathroom sink.  Put this sink with a brushed stainless faucet and you end up with a beautiful looking bathroom sink setup.

Stainless steel bathroom sink

  • American Standard Savona Countertop Sink.  The Savona is a very nice looking counter top sink if you are looking for a new look in your bathroom.  

American standard bathroom sinks in Boise


Wall Mount Lavatory Sinks:

  • Kohler Reve Wall Mount Lavatory.  This is a modern yet great looking lavatory sink.  Our plumbers would classify this sink as a combination between a wall mount sink and a pedestal lavatory sink.  

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  • Kohler Pinoir Wall Mount Lavatory.  This is a more traditional looking wall hung sink.  Just like the last wall hung lav this sink is a combination of a wall mount sink and a pedestal sink.  

Wall hung sink plumbing installation in Boise

  • American Standard Ravenna Wall Mount Sink.  The Ravenna is a very modern looking wall hung sink that is half pedestal sink and half wall hung sink.  It also comes with an integrated towel rack on it for a clean finish.

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