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Do you know what powers your homes heating and cooling system?

For that matter what powers a lot of things in your home?  Electric motors.  Electric motors are in your DVD player, electric motors are in your blender and microwave, electric motors are in all kinds of things we use every day and never think twice about.   There are different kinds of electric motors but one of the most common electric motor in your air conditioner or furnace is called a PSC electric motor which stands for (permanent split capacitor).  A PSC motor is a basic motor, it typically has one setting, ON.  A lot of these motors have different speed taps on them so that you can have it run slow speed in heating mode and high speed in air conditioning mode but there isn't a lot to it.  This motor turns on when the thermostat tells it to turn on and turn off when the thermostat tells it to turn off.  There are a couple disadvantages to an PSC electric motor, one of these is that they are noisy and the other is due to the way they operate they can cause some draftiness.  

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What happens when my PSC electric motor goes out?

If your PSC electric motor goes out or stops working it could be the motors start or run capacitor.  Maybe the electric motor is wearing out and is drawing too many amps.  If this is the case just give us a call and we will send one of our electric motor specialists out and get you all fixed up and back to running like it should be whether that means a new electric motor capacitor or a new motor.  If you have questions on your electric motor whether it is an electric pump motor, compressor motor, fan motor, blower motor or other kind of motor Drake Mechanical can get you fixed up in a hurry 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  If you need your electric motor fixed just look for the guys in the big yellow trucks!

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