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ECM Electric Motors and You

Drake Mechanical specializes in all types of electric motors.  From electric motors in sump pumps to electric motors in your air conditioner.  Electric motors are a crucial part of our every day lives.  Pumps have electric motors, your microwave has an electric motor, your freezer has an electric motor in it, that is what makes the compressor work.  If you sat back and counted the electric motors in your home or office building you would be absolutely amazed at the amount of electric motors in one home or office.  Sitting here at my desk I count 12 electric motors within reaching distance of my chair.  In the big scheme of your home electric motors play a critical part in refrigeration and heating and cooling.  All electric motors are not created equal however, you have the PSC electric motor which is a permanent split capacitor motor that uses more energy, the PSC motor is noisy and not nearly as efficient as the newer type of electric motor called the ECM motor.  The electronically commutated motor or (ECM) is a significantly more energy efficient electric motor.  The ECM motor is smart along with  being efficient.  The ECM motor is designed to function at low speed and then turn to high speed when something like your thermostat calls for heating or cooling.  Running continuously keeps the air moving throughout your home at all times, the ECM motor helps prevent large temperature swings and draftiness in your home along with making your air filter and humidifier if you have one do a better job.  

Evergreen ECM Electric Motor Boise Nampa and Caldwell

ECM Electric Motor Benefits:

  • The ECM motor quietly ramps up and ramps down to its high and low settings
  • The ECM motor uses 30-50% less energy than the standard PSC motor
  • The ECM motor results in lower energy bills 
  • The ECM motor will result with your comfort being better, rather than being cold then hot then cold again you will have a lot more even heating and cooling temperature in your home or building

There are a couple brands of ECM motor that Drake Mechanical installs regularly.  One of these is the Evergreen ECM electric motor.  The Evergreen is an ECM motor that was developed to replace outdated PSC heating and air conditioning motors.  This motor along with other brands of ECM motors can be installed as replacements for PSC motors.  Changing out your PSC motor for a ECM motor will instantly reduce your energy usage.  The Evergreen motor is designed to operate continually at low speeds and remp up to high speed when your furnace or air conditioner calls for heating or cooling.  Evergreen states that it will instantly upgrade the efficiency of your central heating and cooling system, that their motor use 30-50% less electricity than a single stage motor and will save you money each year.  

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Here Are A Few Of The ECM Motor Brands

  • York GE ECM Motor
  • Evergreen ECM Motor
  • Arktic ECM Motor
  • RESCUE Ecoteh ECM Motor
  • Comfort Select ECM Motor
  • RESCUE EcoTech Motor High Efficiency Direct-Drive Blower Motor
  • Armstrong ECM motor
  • GE Ecm Motor
  • Amana/Goodman ECM Motor
  • Trane ECM Motor
  • Genteq ECM Motor
  • Taco ECM Motor
  • Lennox ECM Motor

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