Waste Oil Heaters

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Do You Have a Lot of Waste Oil?

We can help with that. If you are maintaining a fleet, you know most places charge and arm and a leg to dispose of the used motor oil.  We have a better solution for you.  If you have an excess of waste oil we can get a waste oil burning unit installed in no time.  If you already have a waste oil burner, Drake Mechanical can help you out on the service and yearly maintenance so that you can focus on your job rather than on maintaining your waste oil heating equipment.  From waste oil heater filter maintenance to cleanign the burners Drake Mechanical litterally does it all.  

What is a Waste Oil Burner?

A waste oil burner is a unit heater/furnace that uses the oil you pull out of cars and trucks such as gear oil, motor oil, transmission fluid and other oils and turns them into heat. Instead of paying to have these oils hauled off, you can convert them into heating energy. Drake Mechanical can repair your existing waste oil heater, perform annual maintenance or install a new unit for you.  From waste oil heater installations to repairing the pre-heater and changing filters on waste oil heaters Drake Mechanical is your full service shop that will keep your employees warm while they do what they do.  Give us a call day or night at 208-362-6200 or CLICK HERE to contact us via e mail and let Drake Mechanical get all of your waste oil heater and burner questions answered for you and help you keep the heat in your shop and more money in your pocket.

A Few Brands Of Waste Oil Heaters and Burners We Service Regularly

  • Rezor Waste Oil Heaters
  • Lanair Waste Oil Heaters
  • Clean Burn Waste Oil Heaters
  • Eliminator Waste Oil Heaters
  • Energy Logic Waste Oil Heaters
  • Omni Waste Oil Heaters


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