Garbage Disposals in Boise, Nampa and Caldwell

Got A Garbage Disposal?  

Do you have a garbage disposal in your Treasure Valley home?  Maybe you don't have a garbage disposal and would like one of our plumbers to put one in?  Drake Mechanical can definitely help you with that.  If you need a new garbage disposal, your old garbage disposal removed, or just want an estimate on what it would take to have a garbage disposal replaced Drake Mechanical are the pros to go to.  We carry only quality disposers so you can be worry free that you are not getting junk installed in your home.  There are also more options out there than most people know about.  From one third horsepower garbage disposals clear up to 1 horsepower garbage disposals that have automatic reverse, in case it jams, and that are super quiet.  If you have questions about your garbage disposal, please just give us a call and we can dispatch one of our licensed plumbers to look at what you have and help you decide which way to go with a new garbage disposal.   If you have a plumbing emergency please call 24/7 so we can get you taken care of immediately.  

Other Installation Ideas for a garbage disposal

We have had a few customers that are big hunters and fishers with a neat request.  They have had us install a sink in their garage with a 1 horsepower garbage disposal so that when they come home from hunting or fishing, and want to clean fish or game, they don't have to make a mess and stink up the whole house.  They can go in their garage, clean up their fish or game the rest of the mess goes right down the disposal.  If this sounds like something you are interested in just give us a call.

A Few Models of Garbage Disposals That Drake Mechanical Recommends

InSinkEreator 1/2 horsepower Badger 5

This is the most commonly sold Garbage disposal that we install in customers homes and offices.  It is trusted, proven, and has been around a long time.  Highly recommended, competitively priced, and comes with a 2 year residential warranty.

BADGER 5 garbage disposal boise

Insinkerator Model Pro 1100XL Garbage Disposal

This is a 1.1 horsepower garbage disposal that has a ton of features including:

  • The most powerful and quiet garbage disposal on the market
  • 3 grinding stages
  • Anti-Jam circuit which means that if it binds up on something it will automatically change directions and grind at it another way
  • Auto reverse grind system
  • 40-0z stainless steel grinding chamber and components
  • Antimicrobial quiet collar and sink baffle
  • Silver Saver stopper which helps save your silverware if it gets down the drain.
  • 12 year warranty

pro 1100xp garbage disposal Caldwell

Insinkerator Model Pro 1000LP Garbage Disposal

This is a 1 horsepower Garbage disposal that is the next step down from the ISE Pro 1100 XL Disposal

  • MultiGrind Technology
  • Sound Seal
  • Auto Reverse Grind System
  • 40-ounce stainless steel grind chamber and components
  • Quick Lock Sink Mount
  • Antimicrobial Quiet Collar sink baffle
  • Silver Saver Stopper
  • 10 year warranty
  • Additional 2 year Pro-Circle Extended warranty option

ISE Pro 1000lp garbage disposal Nampa Idaho

Insinkerator Model Pro 880 Garbage Disposal

This is a great 7/8 horsepower garbage disposal with the following features:

  •  Multi Grind Technology
  • Sound Seal
  • 34.6 ounce grind chamber and stainless steel components
  • Quick Lock Sink Mount
  • Antimicrobial Quiet Collar Sink Baffle
  • Silver Saver Stopper 
  • 8 year warranty

ISE Pro 880 garbage disposal meridian idaho


Insinkerator Model Pro 750

The 750 garbage disposal has all the great features that set the evolution PRO series apart plus an extra margin of assurance.  Activated by the magnetic CoverStart switch it runs only when the cover is on and has the following additional features:

  • 7/8 horsepower dura-drive induction motor
  • Multi Grind Technology
  • Sound Seal Plus
  • Magnetic CoverStart Activation
  • Auto Reverse Grind System
  • 40-ounce stainless steel grind chamber and components
  • Quick Lock Sink Mount
  • Antimicrobial sink baffle
  • 9 year warranty

ISE Pro 750 Garbage Disposal Eagle Idaho

 Insinkerator Evolution Septic Assist Model Number: SEPTIC

This is a 3/4 horsepower Garbage disposal that features Bio-Charge Technology and injects a solution containing microorganisms that break down food waste each time the disposer is activated which helps maintain your septic tank.  It also has the additional following features:

  • MultGrind Technology
  • Sound Seal
  • Bio-Charge Injection Technology
  • 40-Ounce stainless steel grind chamber and components
  • Quick lock sink mount
  • Quiet collar sink baffle
  • 4 year we come to you factory parts and labor warranty
  • Additional 2 year pro circle extended warranty option

ISE Septic Assist garbage disposal kuna

We hope you find this product information helpful in making a decision as to which garbage disposal is right for your home or office.  If you have any questions regarding which disposal is right for you,  just ask one of our plumbers while they are taking care of your other plumbing needs. With service in

  • Boise
  • Meridian
  • Eagle
  • Kuna
  • Star
  • Middleton
  • Marsing
  • Mountain Home
  • Nyssa
  • Ontario
  • Idaho City
  • Garden Valley
  • Notus
  • Parma

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