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A Cooling Tower uses evaporative cooling; water is pumped up to the top of the tower and trickles back down a fill.  At the top of the tower a large fan pulls air through the fill, cooling the water down.  Water runs down the fill and back into the basin where it goes through the hvac system.  Due to evaporation, there is a fresh water makeup line that feeds the cooling tower that goes to a float valve.  As water evaporates the float drops and causes the fresh water to "top" the water level off.  When water evaporates, it leaves deposits on the cooling tower, piping and fill. Over time this can cause the tower to lose efficiency and not work as well as it should.  Regular maintenance on cooling towers along with chemical treatment are key to having a long life with your investment.

Cooling Towers and Your Building

  From building a cooling tower from the ground up to regularly scheduled maintenance checks, Drake Mechanical has the professional technicians to service your cooling tower quickly and efficiently.  We have installed cooling towers in the industrial, manufacturing and office building sectors. Need a design team to help you figure out what size cooling tower you need?  Drake Mechanical's design team works closely with engineers to ensure that no detail is over looked when planning your new equipment installation. Our Rize Size approach enssures your maintenace needs will always be customized to your industry!   So whether you need cooling tower repairs, replacement or chemical treatment, Drake Mechanical has you covered.

Cooling Tower Maintenace

  Annual Maintenance on your cooling tower is vital to long tower life. Cleaning your cooling tower, checking the belts on the fan and motor and removing hard water and mineral deposits are just a few things that will ensure your equipment if performing at peak efficiency. Skipping regular maintenance will effect performance and put you at a higher risk for costly repairs and unexpected breakdowns. Drake Mechanical's team of trained cooling tower professionals are here to help with long term savings and cooling tower reliability. 

Here Are A Few of The Most Common Cooling Towers That Drake Mechanical Works On

  • Marley Cooling Towers
  • Baltimore Air Coil
  • Evapco
  • Classic Cooling Towers



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