Liebert Units

Server Room Cooling Equipment

How important is your data to you? Electronics generate heat, so if you have a  server room, you most likely need server room cooling. Drake Mechanical's certified start-up, installation, and repair technicians take cooling seriously.  From big to small, we service them all.  You have found the right company if you have a Liebert unit that needs annual maintenance, service, repair, or a new unit installed.  

Drake Mechanical can take care of you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  For emergency needs, please call us at 208-362-6200.  If you need a quote or have something coming up, contact us at 208-362-6200 or CLICK HERE. 

High-Density Modular Cooling

Energy-efficient and flexible high heat density Liebert XD and DCW cooling solutions optimize data center infrastructure design.  Liebert high-density data center cooling solutions are available with open or closed architecture and pumped refrigerant-based or water-based technology.

Liebert XD - Refrigerant Based

High heat density system delivers cooling for more than 30kw per rack.  Liebert xd offers floor mount, rack mount, and ceiling mount configurations.  Utilizing pumped refrigerant, which is ideal for use around electronic equipment.

Liebert DCW- Water Based

It is a water-based, high-heat-density data center solution.  Offering rack enclosure and door-mounted models.  Using existing building chilled water loop.

Small Room Cooling

Liebert Solutions delivers data center cooling and humidity control of areas such as computer, control, and equipment rooms where people and sensitive electronics share the same space.  These space-saving data center solutions are available in configurations and sizes to protect and cool electronic equipment in tight spaces.

Liebert CRV, Self-contained row-based cooling, 20-40kw

It is a self-contained data center cooling unit that is ideally suited and designed for cooling server rack cabinets in small and medium data centers.  Liebert CRV features Liebert iCOM controls and a digital scroll compressor for high reliability and optimized data center management.

Liebert Challenger 3000 with Liebert iCOM, Precision cooling system, 10.5 and 17.5 kW

Which is a Liebert Challenger 3000 with Liebert iCOM controls that provide complete control of temperature, humidity, and air filtration.  Liebert iCOM controls will enhance system performance and allow Liebert Challenger 3000 systems to communicate and work as a team.  This data center solution offers an extremely compact footprint, ideal for facilities where space is at a premium.

Liebert Mini-Mate2, Ceiling-mounted precision cooling system, 3.5-28kw

Which is designed for precision cooling, humidity control, and air filtration of small areas such as computers and control and equipment rooms.  The Liebert Mini Mate 2 installs above a dropped ceiling, is easy to install and service, and only requires front access for maintenance.

Large Room Cooling

Data Center Cooling and humidity control solutions optimize data center designs in raised floor or ducted applications.  A variety of data center solutions, models, and configurations are available.

Liebert DS Precision Cooling System, 28-105 KW

Which is an efficient, precise, and reliable control of room temperature, humidity, and airflow for proper operation of critical electronic equipment and optimal data center design.  The flexible Liebert DS offers high energy efficiency, user-friendly Liebert iCOM controls, a Modular frame, and front service access.

Liebert CW Chilled Water-based Data Center Cooling, 26-181 kw

Which is a Liebert CW data center cooling system specifically designed to handle the high heat loads generated by computers and other electronic equipment, using an existing building chiller as a source of chilled water cooling.  Liebert iCOM controls and other energy-efficient features combine to ensure reliable, economical data center management.



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