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Saving Money

Do you have an old thermostat that is non programable or is just a dial thermostat in your home?  While these are great units that have worked for many years and we can still install them, the older they get the more they can get out of calibration; which means that your house might not be the temperature that you think it is, and can cause the furnace run longer to catch up.  This is something that can be discussed and checked durring our heating or air conditioning preventative maintenance check.


Types of Air Conditioning Thermostats

A thermostat is an integral part of your air conditioning.  Without a thermostat, your air conditioner would not know when to come on or when to shut off.  There are many types of  thermostats.

  • Simple Dial type  
  • Non programable thermostats with easy to read digital readouts
  • Digital 7 day programable thermostats 
  • WIFi Smart Thermostats- control the temperature from you computer or phone

Don't let the brand confuse you, there are many different brands, all of which are about equal.  The most important part is does it do the functions you want it to?   If you are curious about thermostats and the different types either give us a call or CLICK HERE to contact us via our website. 

York Thermostats

York offers a line of digital thermostats for residential and commercial use.  There are battery powered thermostats or System Powered Thermostats which mean they are powered by your heating or air handling equipment.  There are many different choices of thermostat as well, a few of these are listed below. 

  • The heat pump thermostat that is a 5 day/2 day programmable thermostat model S1-THEH21P5Y
  • The heat pump non programmable thermostat model S1-THEH21NY.  
  • The standard 5 day/2 day programmable digital thermostat model S1-THEC11P5Y
  • The standard non programmable digital thermostat model S1-THEC11NY. 
  • The residential heat and cool along with heat pump controlling thermostat that is 7 day programmable model number S1-THEU22P7Y. 
  • The Commercial Heat/Cool and Heat Pump 7 day programmable Digital thermostat model number S1-THEM22P7Y
  • Then you have the York Affinity residential communicating control Model number S1-TTSCC01 which is loaded with features.  It can be set up non programmable or programmable depending on your desires, it has intuitive on-screen prompts for ease of installation and service.  This thermostat has automatic system configuration which makes it plug and play, it has complete integration of temperature control, humidity control and ventilation in every season.  This thermostat is also able to control multiple zones as well.  

Venstar Color Touch Thermostats in Boise Nampa Caldwell and surrounding areas

What About Web Based or Wi-Fi Thermostats?

There are also a few options when it comes to WI-Fi Capable Thermostats. The EcoBee Thermostat is a revolutionary thermostat. They have models for both home use as well as more advanced options for the office. The EcoBee is an energy management system as much as it is a thermostat.  It offers  multiple heat and cool stages, wireless remote internet access, humidity controls, economizer controls and the list goes on.  The ecobee thermostat will also provide you with tracking and on line charts so you can track the trends and energy usage in your home and better manage your home and office comfort needs.  If you have questions on the many different types of air conditioning thermostats and heating thermostats give Drake's a call today and we will get you taken care of!   Drake Mechanical also carries and installs the Nest learning thermostat.  There are many ways to save money and we are here to help.  

Ecobee WiFi Thermostats in Boise Nampa Caldwell and Surrounding Areas

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  • and just about anywhere else remotely close to the Treasure Valley you can think of! 

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