Dairy Chiller Units in Boise, Nampa, Caldwell and Beyond

Do you have a Dairy?  Need someone that can fix your Dairy Chiller in Idaho?

You have come to the right place.  Drake Mechanical has been in business for a long time, in that time we have fixed many chillers-from water chillers to glycol chillers and more.  Maintaining your temperatures and cooling down your product is important to you, which means it is important to us. If you have a dairy chiller that needs repaired, maintained or just needs replaced, give us a call.  Motors, compressors, piping, we are your one stop chiller shop!

What Are The Different Kinds Of Cooling Methods That A Lot Of Dairies Use?

There are a couple of different kinds of chillers that are the mainstay for Dairies. There is an older design that uses a double walled tank where water and cooling coils fill the space underneath and around the milk tank itself.  With this style a compressor is running all day, building up ice around the coils, inside the double wall area.  Once that ice reaches a set thickness, the cooling compressor turns off and the ice is used to rapidly cool the milk.  This system works out well for small dairies (up to about 40 cows). For larger Dairies, a plate chiller can better meet large demands for cooling and really work well; using cool ground water and then using a milk storage tank to chill it the rest of the way works well with large volume daries, to another type with a chiller that is cooling glycol for the other side of the plate chiller that can rapidly cool the milk by pushing the milk through stainless steel plates on one side and chilled water or glycol/water mixture on the other side of the plate.  If you have any questions regarding ways to chill milk we are more than happy to meet with you and help you figure out what method will work for your application the best.

Different Kinds of Chillers Out There.

  • Package Chillers with integrated pump tank (usually 1.5 ton to 20 ton)
  • Modular Chillers that have an expandable pump and tank on a separate skid (usually 1.5 to 200 ton with single or dual circuits)
  • split chillers that are expandable with an outdoor condensing unit and then pump, tank, evaporator on a separate skid.  (Usually 1.5 to 200 tons with single or dual circuits)

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