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Pressure tanks and your well system

What is a pressure tank?  Why do I have to have this big blue tank in my house you might ask?  A Well tank is there to make your pump and water system last longer and function like it should.  A pressure tank fills up and reaches a preset pressure by your well pressure switch and then your pump can shut off.  If you are using water then your pressure tank will discharge that pressure and water into your faucet or tub or whatever you have turned on and your pump will still stay off until the pressure drops below a set point in the pressure switch.  This makes your pump not have to kick on and off as often which wears it out faster.  Some homes or office buildings have multiple tanks for longer storage capacity and even less pump cycling.  Drake Mechanical specializes in getting the right size tank(s) for your home or office and making your water system work like it is supposed to.  Something you may notice is that if your pump runs all the time or every single time that you turn on a faucet or flush a toilet you may have an issue with the pressure tank.  It can either be water logged, the bladder has gone bad or there is a possible leak in the valve that we use to set the bladder in the tank to the right pressure.  If you have a pressure tank in Boise you need looked at, a well pressure tank you need replaced in Nampa or Caldwell or a new well you are putting in and you need the pressure tank sized and installed in Kuna or Eagle just give us a call at 208-362-6200 or CLICK HERE to contact us via our  website.  

Well Pressure Tank Products Most Commonly Installed By Drake Mechanical


Well-X-Trol Model WX-255 

Which is a 81 gallon tank with a 24 gallon draw down with a 40-60 pressure switch

Well-X-Troll Model WX-302

Which is an 86 gallon tank with a 29.2 gallon draw down down with a 40-60 pressure switch

Well-X-Troll Model WX-350

Which is a 119 gallon tank with a 40.5 gallon draw down with a 40-60 pressure switch


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