Steam Boilers

Steam Heating Systems

Steam is actually a very efficient heating source.  Over the years steam usage has been in declining demand.  Now in more recent years we are starting to see more and more of it again.  There are also quite a few older homes and housing complexes in Boise, Nampa and Caldwell that use steam boilers for heat.  Whether they are using radiators, steam coils in an air handler or finned tubes, it all works on the same principal.  Water gets heated in a boiler until it turns to steam, the steam travels under pressure outwards through the piping, heating the coil or the radiator, then condenses back into water where it travels back to the boiler or a steam condensate pump, pump it back into the boiler. 

Chemically Treating Your Steam System

 The most overlooked part of a steam boiler system is the need to chemically treat the system. When water turns to steam it leaves the minerals and particulates behind. This can cause problems and shorten the life of the heating system. Chemically treating the system will remove much of the mineral build-up, breathing life back into your system! If you have questions regarding Steam Heating or Steam Boilers just give us a call.  If you need your existing boiler repaired, new radiators or piping you can call  anytime, day or night and we will get someone out to your home and get you back up and running.  Call 208-362-6200 today or CLICK HERE and we will call or e mail you back and get someone out to your home or office.

The biggest thing that most people don't think about is chemically treating the steam boiler system.

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