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Hybrid Water Heaters

One of the water heaters that our plumbers specialize in is the Eternal Hybrid water heater and the Eternal Condensing Hybrid water heater.  Drake Mechanical is a definite proponent of the Green Water Heaters that save you money and are better for our environment.  Eternal however is not the only manufacturer that makes a hybrid water heater, there are also heat pump water heaters that are a mixture of an electric water heater and a heat pump.

What Is The Difference In A Standard Water Heater Versus A Hybrid Water Heater?

In a standard tank type gas water heater the heat is generated at the bottom and rises through a central exhaust and then goes through your roof in a flue pipe.  Cold water enters the from the top and is piped to the bottom of the water heater where hot water is taken off the top of the water heater.  These are what we are all used to and they work great, the downfall is you are paying to heat water that is sitting there in a tank all the time whether you are using it or not.  

The Eternal Water Heater

In the Eternal Hybrid water heater is a combination of tank type water heater and a tankless water heater.  Inside the eternal water heater water is pushed in from the bottom rather than the top which helps with sediment buildup, it is then pushed through 44 radiating transfer pipes in a 3 cycle process that maximizes energy and heat transfer.  The end result is a 98% efficient water heater that can supply endless hot water with minimal pressure loss.  It can be ducted easily, has ultra low CO2 emissions and self cleans itself.  The tank is also stainless steel and has a 20 year residential warranty and a 10 year commercial heat exchanger warranty.  One of the neat features about the Eternal Water Heater is that it has a modulating burner on it that will only fire as high as the demand that you are calling for.  So if you only have a trickle of water the Eternal will only fire on low fire, if you turn on a bunch of faucets or are filling a big soaker tub it will fire the burner at a higher rate clear up to capacity to keep up with demand.  This saves you by not always running full tilt.   It can be either wall mounted or floor mounted which will also save you on space.  One customer in Boise stated that he took out his boilers which heated both his home and his hot water, replaced them with one of these and he is comfortable, has endless hot water and his heating bill has been literally cut in half.  That means that the payback rate is very high. Give us a call today for more information.

Eternal Hybrid Water Heater Boise

Here are a Couple Different Models of the Eternal Hybrid Water Heater Products that Drake Mechanical Can Install in Your Home or Office

GU145(S) & GU195 (S,M) Eternal Hybrid Water Heaters

These are an Eternal Brand Hybrid Condensing water heater that is 98% efficient, Have very low pressure drop and will supply endless hot water with a 20 year residential warranty.  The Eternal Water Heater can also come in a Multiple unit for larger applications where they can be linked together.  Once linked they will communicate with each other and run as many or as few as needed.  

New to The Hybrid Water Heater Scene Is The AO Smith Next Hybrid Gas Water Heater

You might be  asking what is the Next Hybrid gas water heater?  The Next hybrid gas water heater is designed to improve even more upon the tankless water heater technology that we are all currently accustomed to.  The Next hybrid gas water heater performs like a tankless water heater but can also handle high demand water heating periods.  The AO Smith Next hybrid water heater has a thermal efficiency of 90%.  The Next hybrid water heater helps eliminate sudden interruptions in hot water delivery that we call "cold water sandwiches".  This water heater IS available for a tax credit (talk to your tax advisor to be sure) and also has easy to use interactive controls with multiple lifestyle modes.  

AO Smith Next Water Heater

The NEXT hybrid gas water heater is truly the "NEXT" big thing in water heating.  Just ask for the NEXT model number HYB-90N.  The NEXT has a first hour delivery of 189 gallons with a recovery rate of 121 gallons per hour at a 90 degree temperature rise.  Temperature rise for water heaters is based off what you want for output water temperature based on what your incoming water temperature is.  The colder the incoming water the more temperature rise you will need to have.  Want more information on what kind of water heater is right for your family just ask our Boise plumbers when when we are out at your house.

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