Boise, Nampa and Caldwell's Steam Room Installation Experts

Like going To The Steam Room At The Gym?

Well ask no more, you can have a steam room in your own home if you wanted to.  It is a matter of installing a steam generator and proper enclosure for the room, an existing sauna conversion or a pre-built unit into your home.  We have built and installed custom steam units into a bathroom where you have a steam and then take a shower as well.  It is just a matter of making sure everything in the room is designed for the added humidity.  Then you can have a refreshing steam room experience without having to share your room with a bunch of other people you don't know.   There are many options on this from Mr. Steam units to other brands.  These steam units can be installed in Nampa or Caldwell residentially or commercially and can be installed in an existing shower setup or into a special room if you so desire.  One of the other great deals about having a Mr. Steam unit in your house is that it helps clear sinuses out and more.  You can even add eucalyptus oil to the steam that adds sinus cleansing and pain relief.  Why have to go to the gym to unwind and relax, have your own steam room at home right here in Boise Idaho.

Have a Steam Room But Need Service On It?

Drake Mechanical can also work on your existing steam generators in Boise Nampa or Caldwell if you have problems or just want to have it serviced.  Drake Mechanical has been servicing Steam rooms and steam generating equipment for many years, this includes both residential and commercial units.  Whether it is a Boise steam room in a gym, Meridan Steam generator in a health club or spa to a Nampa or Caldwell steam generator for a home unit, we can fix it and get you back under way and back to relaxing the way you love.  No job is too big or too small.  Want a eucalyptus injector installed on your existing steam generation unit?  Drake Mechanical can do that too.  Got questions on steam rooms and steam generators in Boise Nampa Caldwell and beyond?  Give us a yell and we can get your questions answered. 

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