Refrigeration Piping in Your Home in Boise, Nampa and Caldwell

Air Conditioning Refrigeration Piping

If you have an Air Conditioner than you have air conditioning Refrigeration piping.  This is not typically something that needs to be replaced, but if you are installing a new condensing unit or if you hit your refrigeration piping with the lawn mower, we can fix it!  Refrigeration lines need to be cleaned and properly brazed using a nitrogen purge, vacuumed out of all moisture and any air down to a negative air pressure and then your system can be re-charged with refrigerant and your condensing unit turned on.  When you don't purge refrigeration piping it creates a black oxidized substance on the surface of the copper inside the pipe. When you turn on the equipment those oxidized chunks flow through your brand new condensing unit and compressor. Just like you would not put sand in the motor oil of your car, you want to be sure you dont have the same effect on your air conditioning. 

Other Types Of Refrigeration Piping

There are many types of Refrigeration piping:

  • Air conditioning condensing unit
  • Inside your refridgerator
  • Sub-zero refrigerator or freezer unit
  • Ammonia Refrigeration (used in large commercial and industrial applications) 

Ammonia, like any chemical needs to be handled properly nad disposed of properly. Let our experts take care of the proper installation, cleaning and disposal of your refrigeration piping.

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