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Do you have a dryer?

If you have a dryer then you have dryer lint, this has to go somewhere.  It is supposed to be piped outside via a dryer vent ducting .  Drake Mechanical can do everything from replacing your old Caldwell Dryer Vent to installing new dryer vent in Nampa if you add on, or even moving the dryer vent in Boise if it comes outside in a location that you don't like or whatever you need done with your Caldwell dryer vent.  Something else we can do is help you save your home from fires.  Dryer vents fill up with lint over time, dryer lint is extremely flammable.  This can potentially be dangerous provided there is a spark or something to ignite the lint on fire.  Something to remember is that when you are drying clothes your dryer is putting out heat.  Should the heating element be able to cause a spark and the right combination of oxygen, heat and dryer lint you can end up with a very damaging or deadly fire.  Drake Mechanical can get your dryer vents cleaned out for you so that you don't have to worry about a fire any more.  Do you have us out taking care of other work at the same time?  We can get your dryer vents cleaned along with other ductwork cleaning or at the same time as your other service call.  Drake Mechanical has teamed up with a local treasure valley dryer vent cleaning company and we can get everything taken care of for you so that you only have to deal with one contractor, and Drake Mechanical will oversee that the job gets taken care of right from start to finish.  Need Duct Cleaning or Dryer Vent cleaning done in Boise Nampa Caldwell or any other part of the Treasure Valley?  Give Drake Mechanical a call today and let us help you get it taken care of quickly and efficiently.   

What About The Efficiency of My Dryer?

If your dryer vent is plugged up what is that doing for your efficiency?  If air can not get out then it is really hard to dry your clothes.  I (Nick Drake) had my ducts and dryer vents cleaned and our drying time on our electric dryer was cut in half.  When they cleaned out my dryer vent the ball of lint that came out of it was about a foot in diameter when I gathered it all up.  Aside from the fire hazard I could not believe how plugged up that dryer vent was and that the dryer actually worked at all.  By having a clean passageway from the dryer to the outside your dryer can run more efficiently, this translates into lower energy bills, less wear and tear on your expensive dryer and less risk of a house fire.  If you have questions on Dryer vent cleaning in Boise Nampa or Caldwell please do not hesitate to call and talk to us. 

Clothes Dryer Duct Facts

In 2006, an estimated 17,700 reported U.S. non-confined home structure fires involving clothes dryers on washing machines (including combination washer and dryer units) resulted in an estimated 15 civilian deaths, 360 civilian injuries, and $194 million in direct property damage.  Most non-confined home structure fires involving dryers began in a laundry room or area, most of these home fires involve clothes dryers, the risk of fire is slightly higher for natural gas or propane fueled dryers vs. electric powered clothes dryers.  The leading cause of fires of home clothes dryer and washer fires was the failure to clean dryer vents.  Cleaning dryer vents, lint trays etc is very important due to the flammable nature of dryer lint.  If you have questions regarding dryer vent cleaning in Boise, Nampa or Caldwell just give us a call so we can get your dryer vents cleaned and working more efficiently.


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