Ready For The Next Era of Smart Thermostat?

Get Ready for a Wi-Fi Capable Thermostat For Your Air Conditioning!  

Drake Mechanical can help you out in getting your home connected and talking to you like you have never had a thermostat talk to you before.  This thermostat is so adaptable and so cutting edge that the closest thing we have found to it is true building automation controls which can cost you thousands of dollars.  This thermostat currently qualifies for Idaho power credits and can actually help you lower your utility bills. This wi-fi thermostat will actually learn your habits, learn when to plan ahead and when to not turn your heating and cooling system on.  By doing this your house will become an almost constant temperature which in turn saves you money by not having large temperature spikes and drops.  There are many more features which are nothing like you have ever had in a home or small office.  

Wi-Fi Thermostat Features

The Ecobee wi-fi thermostat has Smart IQ software that allows you to log into your thermostat with your computer anywhere in the world and see what is going on in your home.  it will show trends of when your equipment is running, how often your wi-fi thermostat is turning on and off your heating and cooling equipment, humidity levels in your home or office, and anything else that you have tied to your thermostat!  After about a month, this thermostat is able to learn your home or office trends, and can show you how and where it is saving you money. If your heating or cooling system is having a problem where your wi-fi thermostat is not seeing the results that you programmed it for you will be notified.  If your house reaches a pre-set low or high temperature thermostat will send you an e mail letting you know your cooling system or heating system is not working so that you can get it fixed before it turns into an emergency. When your Ecobee wi-fi thermostat is tied to your smart phone you see the same display on your phone that you would in your hallway.  You can change the temperature if your coming home from a long trip or just check in and make sure everything is working like you want it to. 

Ecobee wifi touch screen thermostat      

What about other features

Still not enough? The Ecobee wi-fi thermostat is very adaptable. What would happen if you were out of town when a water heater or washing machine hose split? With no one home, the flooding would do extreme damage before anyone was even aware of the problem. With the Ecobee wi-fi thermostat you can install a wet sensor. If the sensor ever gets wet it sends you a pre programmed message. This way if you are at work or out of town at least you can call someone and have them turn the water off to your house before your personal belongings were damaged.  If you have a cabin out of town and you wanted to have a fire alarm tied to the thermostat so that if it ever goes off you get an e mail.  Want to have your lights turn on when in occupied mode or maybe when the house is unoccupied?  Connect that to the thermostat.   All of this and more is possible with the Ecobee line of Wi-Fi Smart Thermostats!  Want to know more?  Give Drake Mechanical a call today or send us an e mail.

Ecobee Wi-Fi Thermostat and Wi-Fi Energy Management System Models:

The Ecobee Model EB-STAT-02 Full Color touchscreen wi-fi thermostat for residential use.  

The Ecobee EB-SMARTSi-01 Internet Enabled Smart Si Thermostat, this one is not touchscreen. 

The Ecobee EB-EMS-02 Energy Management System, this is a commercial stat with a full color touchscreen display.

The EcoBee Smart Si Wi-Fi thermostat is a non touch screen Wi-Fi energy management system as well.

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