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Do you have an indoor pool?  If you answered yes you most likely need a dehumidifier.

Drake Mechanical specializes in design, installation and maintenance of pool dehumidifiers.  Pool dehumidifiers help maintain the proper humidity level due to all the warm water in the swimming pool.  If your swimming pool humidity is out of control you will have problems with mold, wood rot, water running out of the walls and windows fogging up.  A pool dehumidifier can be set up to maintain the proper balance of conditioned air that will keep your windows from fogging, wood from rotting away and your guests will be more comfortable.  Swimming pool dehumidifiers are basically large air conditioner that moves a lot of air while using the DX portion to remove the humidity per your set point.  There is a significant difference however between a dehumidifier and a standard air conditioner, the dehumidifier is built to last in a high humidity area.  This means with regular maintenance and some TLC your pool dehumidifier will last for years. Let us help you from design to completion in giving your customers the perfect natatorium experience.

Dehumidifiers are for more than just pools! Gyms and athletic facilities can get pretty humid as well.  By controlling the humidity levels in these areas your customers will be more comfortable and more likely to come back, making your business more profitable.  

swimming pool dehumidifier

Pool Dehumidifier Brands That We Can Install and Service For You

Below is a list of just a few of the brands of pool dehumidifiers that Drake Mechanical can service for you.  Give us a call and let the guys in the big yellow trucks come take care of all of your dehumidification needs.

Seresco Dehumidifier Models NE-002-PH-NH and NE-003-PH-NH 

  • 2 and 3 ton units
  • Perftect for indoor spas and jacuzzi's

Seresco Dehumidifier Models NE-004-PH-NH Through Models NE-007-PV-NV

  • 4-7 ton compressor versions
  • Work very well with small indoor pools and spas
  • Variety of auxilary heating options

Seresco Dehumidifier Models NE-008-PH-NH through Models NE-016-PH-NH 

  • 8-16 ton versions 
  • All the features and quality of the largest units
  • Available in many configurations for both indoor and outdoor packaged dehumidifier units.

Dehumidifier Corporation of America Model DCA650 T/TWH - DCA3000 T/TWH 

  • 3 year parts warranty,
  • Single refrigeration circuit,
  • Stainless steel condensate drain pan
  • Many other useful features. 

Dehumidifier Corportation of America (DCA) dehumidifier model DCA650 T/TWH - DCA3000 T/TWH and DCA3300 T/TWH 

  • Low ambient head pressure control 
  • TEFC blower motor as standard features 
  • Remote ready delete
  • Defrost timer package
  • Top or bottom discharge option features
  • Lot of options that can be worked into this design build.

Boise Dehumidifiers

Other Brands Of Pool Dehumidifiers that we work on, service and install 

  • Desert Aire
  • APR
  • Dumont
  • PoolPak
  • Dectron
  • Dry Aire
  • Des Champs
  • DCA (Dehumidifier Corporation of America)

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