Furnace and Heating Tune Up's

Why Preventative Maintenance for My Furnace?

Why does everyone push the preventative maintenance for your furnace or heating system? Simply put, it helps your equipment last longer. Think of it as an oil change on your car. What happens if you don't take change your oil? Your engine will eventually seize up and quit working. The same thing goes for your home or office's furnace and heating system, if you don't maintain it, sooner rather than later your Furnace will quit working all together.

What Gets Done When I Get a Furnace Tune Up Done you Might Ask?  

Here are just a few of the things that we do as part of our 30 point furnace tune up or boiler inspection:

  •  A tech will come to your home or your business and check over the entire furnace or heating system
  • They will Test and Check all safety Features on your Furnace.  This is essential for proper equipment operation and insures that your system will shut down if there is ever a problem.
  • Test all motors and moving parts for proper voltage and amp draws.  This extends the life of your major electrical components inside your furnace or heating system.
  • Lubricate all moving parts as per your furnace manufacturers specifications.  Poor lubrication causes components to drag and create electrical overload which results in higher bills and equipment failure.
  • Check ducts for leaks.  Duct leaks in non-conditioned areas will cause poor system performance and improper heating/cooling-results in energy bills
  • Test temperature differences.  This double checks efficient operation of your furnace or heating system
  • Check the furnace blower assembly.  By maintaining proper alignment and making sure all of your furnace components are clean, you will insure adequate airflow and increase your comfort.
  • Check and adjust the furnaces burner unit (if it is a gas furnace).  A dirty or improperly adjusted burner will result in excessive fuel usage and may damage heat exchanger
  • Check and adjust your furnaces electric heat strips (if it is an electric furnace).  Dirty and/or broken heating elements will cause your furnace to have to run longer to heat your home, which will cause your power bill to go up.
  • Check all furnace Filters.  Dirty or Blocked furnace Filters can cause Reduced air flow and cause damage to the heat exchanger
  • Inspect the furnaces Heat Exchanger for cracks that can develop over time.  This is especially important because of the fact that if it is cracked and broken, when the furnace runs it will be pushing Co2 into your home.  If you suspect you might be having problems please have this checked out immediately.  You don't want to go to bed and not wake up.

Typical Furnace Diagram Boise

Should I Get a Carbon Monoxide Detector?

If you have propane or natural gas appliances in your home you should have a Co2 Detector installed in your house.  It is a small investment to save your family in case your furnace ends up with a cracked heat exchanger or something else goes wrong.  You can pick them up in almost any hardware store and Install them easily or we can install one for you.  It could be the difference between life and death!  

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