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Have you ever considered all of the options in your home or offices heating system.  Along with the standard heat pump in Boise that people install there are other options.  One of which is a water source or Geothermal heat pump in Nampa or Caldwell.  Rather than using the outside air to change the state of the refrigerant from a liquid to a gas or from a gas to a liquid it uses water in piping.  That piping can be in the form of a geothermal well that is a constant supply and discharge back into the ground or a closed loop system.  A closed loop Geothermal system is where there would be loops of piping installed in either the dirt or in even a pond that remain at a more constant temperature than using an air to air type system.  The earth tends to retain and stay at a more consistent temperature than the air outside your home, giving you the consumer a more even and consistent heating and cooling system throughout the year.  

Are There Any Other Heat Pumps Options?

There is yet another type of heat pump option that is out there for you to consider as well.  It is called a water to water type geothermal heat pump.  Instead of producing heated or cooled air like a furnace and air conditioner do, it can produce hot water for a radiant floor system or a fan coil type application.  So if you have an existing furnace and wanted to add a coil to it you can use hot water to heat the air rather than the gas or electric furnace and the furnace as a backup system.  Some of these water source heat pumps or geothermal heat pump systems can even produce the hot water that your family consumes rather than relying solely on having a gas or electric water heater which in turn can save you even more money in the end.

Am I In A Good Area For These Type Of Systems?

Whether you are looking for a geothermal heat pump in Boise, a Caldwell geothermal heat pump system, A geothermal heat pump system from the ground up in Meridian, Eagle or Kuna, and from Mountain Home to Melba or Ontario Oregon these geothermal heat pump systems can be installed to work in your home or office as long as their is sufficient room to install the piping loops.  These loops can either be installed fairly shallow or even in vertical wells for a smaller footprint beneath the ground to achieve the proper footage and capacity required.

Geothermal Heat Pump Repairs

Drake Mechanical can also repair your existing equipment and get you back up and heating or cooling asap.  We are the go to company when it comes to repairing or replacing your heat pump.  From flow meters, water filtration, heat pump water treatment if required or even replacing your Boise geothermal heat pumps compressors or other parts we can service it all.  Have questions regarding your existing geothermal heat pump making funny noises or just not working like you think it should?  Give us a call and we can come out and take a look at it and get it doing what you expect your heat pump to do.  Drake Mechanical can also help you get the piping installed if this is a new geothermal heat pump systemin Meridian as well, from doing the geothermal heat pump piping outside, putting in a drain field or a Boise geothermal ground loop system, big or small we do it all.  


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