Emergency Water Shut Off Valves For Your Home Or Office

Do You Travel a Lot? What Happens If a Pipe Bursts or Breaks?

If you travel a lot or leave town a lot you probably don’t turn off the water to your house every time you leave. Did you know that washing machine hose breaks are the #1 cause of flooding? A broken pipe, blown hose or rupture to a fixture supply tube can create a very expensive mess! Drake Mechanical can help eliminate that! We can install a valve that is electronically controlled with an easy to use control panel. Depending on what you need we can build you a valve that works based on how many gallons flow before it shuts off or a valve that shuts off based on how many minutes that it has sensed water running freely. This can save your expensive flooring, pictures, furniture or more from water damage when a plumbing item breaks and your home gets flooded out. If you are ready to protect your home when you’re away from home, call or click today!