Snaking, or Rootering a Drain

Got Snakes?

We do and we don't mean the kind that rattle when you walk to close to them in the desert.  The kind of snakes we are talking about are the kind that go down pipes in your home or office.  They have other names too, drain snake, drain auger, rooter, drain rooter ect.  You get the point.  A drain snake is a cable that is driven by a motor inside of a drum.  The machine pushes the cable down the piping usually with a bit on the end of it to either chop up whatever is blocking the drain lines or with a retrieval type bit that we use if you know you have dropped something down your drains that you want to get back or we need to pull out like tree roots, hair, ect.  If you have tree roots in your plumbing then we can cut them up and retrieve them out so that we don't just shove them down farther and you have a problem in a day or two. 

What Should Be Done If Tree Roots Are Encountered You Might Ask?

There are a couple of options when you start having tree roots in your piping.  One, you can yearly plan on having someone come out and auger the lines out.  Then there is a chemical treatment that you can put down the piping that burns them off and slows the re-growth of them.  The second option is to replace the sewer piping with new plastic piping that will prevent the roots from being able to find a way into that plentiful food supply.  CLICK HERE for more information on drain line replacement if you are thinking that would be a preferable option.


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