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Why Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance?

Why does everyone push air conditioning preventative maintenance for your Boise Air Conditioning system?  To put it simply, preventative maintenance helps your plumbing, heating, or air conditioning equipment last longer.  Think of an air conditioning tune up as an oil change on your car.  What happens if you don't change your oil in your car?  Your engine will eventually seize up and quit working.  The same thing goes for your air conditioning system.  Don't wait for your home or office's air conditioner to break down, find the problems early and get them fixed before it gets hot.  Since 1909 Drake Mechanical has been the Treasure Valleys go to company for all of your air conditioning repair, air conditioning tune up and air conditioning installation needs.


Here are just a few of the things that our Tech's do as part of our 25 point air conditioning service inspection:

  • A technician will come out and check and clean your condensing unit (the outside part Air Conditioner) for coil damage and cleanliness.  Dirt, grass or any foreign materials on the condenser coil reduces the ability for heat to transfer causing the unit to run longer, which costs you money.  The tech will then clean the condensing unit and make sure it is functioning correctly.
  • Apply chemical cleaner and environmental sealer to the air conditioners condensing unit.  This helps to protect the air conditioning unit from exposure to the elements.
  • The Tech will then check your Air Conditioners operational pressures.  Improper refrigerant charge (too little or even too much) in your air conditioner can damage the compressor, cause freeze ups and also lowers the efficiency of the air conditioning system causing higher electric bills.
  • The Tech will then check the air conditioners compressor and major electrical components of your system for proper operation, voltage and amp draws.
  • Test all the safety features of your air conditioner to make sure if something does go wrong it will shut down.  This is essential for proper equipment operation and insures you that your system will shut down if there is ever a problem.
  • They lubricate all of the moving parts of your air conditioner, as per the manufacturers specification.  Poor lubrication causes components to drag and create electrical overload which results in higher electric bills and equipment failure.
  • Check ductwork for leaks or where it might have come apart over the years.  (If you're blowing all your cool air into your attic or crawl space you are literally throwing money out the window.)
  • Test for temperature differences.  This double checks efficient operation of the air conditioning unit.

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Areas of The Treasure Valley That Drake Mechanical Serves?

Drake Mechanical services the Entire Treasure Valley when it comes to service, maintenance and installation of your air conditioning units. From Boise, Meridian and Eagle, Nampa and Caldwell, Middleton, Kuna, Star and beyond, when you think of air conditioners think of the guys in the big yellow trucks. Let our family take care of your family and keep them cool all summer long!

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Preventative Maintenacne Service Areas

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